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The Parent-Teachers’ Organization (PTO) is a group of parents and teachers of children who attend Our Lady of Refuge School.The organization has a three-fold purpose:

  • The PTO acts as a liaison between the school staff and the parents.  As such it helps  to disseminate information and facilitate communication about school-related issues.  It provides ideas and recommendations as to how the school can continually improve.
  • The PTO organizes numerous fund-raising activities to help offset educational costs and keep school tuition affordable.
  • Through its many fundraising and social activities, the PTO helps build a  community of friendship between and among parents, teachers and children.   This “extended family” atmosphere often continues  for many years, long after children are grown and “on their own”.

The PTO’s leadership meets regularly to plan events.  A general meeting of all school parents is held three times each year.  The PTO also provides a mentor program for parents who are new to the organization.  Veteran members call new parents each month to explain  school events and activities and help them feel welcome to and part of the school community.


The calendar for PTO fundraising activities is full.However, it must be noted that the fundraising is also “fun raising” – activities that bring families together and provide wholesome enjoyment for both adults and children.Following are some activities scheduled this year:

  • Ice Cream Social takes place on a Saturday evening in early fall. Following the 5:30 PM Mass, parishioners are invited to the parish parking lot where they join children and adults of the school community for an evening of hot dogs, soft drinks, ice cream, live music, balloons and festivity.
  • Jog-a-Thon lets school children participate in a “run for the school”. Proceeds from this event are usually targeted for a specific need of the school
  • Trunks and Treat Evening takes place shortly before Halloween.Children and adults are invited to dress in costume, share dinner, music, a haunted house, games, booths and trick-and-treat from the car trunks of PTO families.
  • Santa’s Workshop takes place during Advent. A mini store is opened on the school campus for several days. Children can go to the store and purchase gifts for their parents and other family members
  • Annual Christmas Party for the children takes place shortly before Christmas vacation. It is celebrated with gifts, goodies and the presence of Santa Claus himself.
  • Monthly Sales of Cookies, Other Goodies, Gift Wrap, etc. help keep the school fundraising effort ongoing.Coffee Hour after the 9:30 AM Sunday Mass is sponsored at least once each year by each grade from the school.
  • Catholic School Week in January is celebrated with Open House and a free coffee hour for parents and visitors to the classrooms.
  • Family Dances are held two to three times each year. The evenings bring parents and children together for music and fun.
  • Money for Teachers is donated twice a year. The money given to school faculty helps offset the costs of classroom needs.
  • Spring Talent Show is held each year, and enables children and adults to display their gifts as musicians, singers, dancers, magicians and comedians.
  • Candy Sale is held each Spring, and proceeds are used to help the school.
  • Lunches for Teachers are sponsored throughout the year.This gives parents and teachers an opportunity to get better acquainted and share about their common interest and love, the children.
  • Field Trips are provided for each class in the school. The PTO covers the cost of buses
  • End-of-Year School Picnic is planned, organized and carried out by the PTO.
  • Special Events for the Children are also sponsored by the PTO – 8th grade graduation celebrations, First Communion receptions, Kindergarten graduation, etc.
  • Concern for Others – the school community is in many ways like an extended family. When there is sickness, a death in a family, or a special anniversary or celebration, PTO members send cards and notes showing personal concern of friends for friends.
  • Sports Booster Committee is part of the PTO with its own fund-raising activities, which are focused on helping enhance the athletic programs of the school – purchase of uniforms, trophies, etc. The best-know fund raiser of the Sports Boosters is the annual Pancake Breakfast after Sunday Masses.

If you are interested in learning more about the Parent-Teachers Organization (PTO) at Our Lady of Refuge School, contact:

Rob & Renee Salvador

(310) 614-7152



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