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Understanding Your First Grade Child

How Parents Can Help their First Grade Children

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Homework Expectations of First Grade Children

Students will be receiving homework four nights a week.  I believe that your students should look forward to homework, but that they need the time to relax and play on the weekends.  During the week, homework assignments should take no longer than 30 minutes.  Occasionally an assignment may take your child a little longer, and that is okay.  However, if you find that your child is struggling significantly, feel free to have him/her stop the assignment and send a note that explains the situation.

Every Tuesday your child will be bringing home his/her poetry binder with a new poem for that week and an assignment to go with it.  Please read the poem with your child and help him or her to complete the assignments.  Poetry helps the children to develop many valuable skills including: the ability to rhyme, read with rhythm and fluency, and to identify high frequency words.  (Please see the Poetry Page for First Grade on this website.)

I will try to return the previous week’s homework on Mondays.  Please be sure to check your child’s returned homework packet for any notes or incomplete/messy work.  Please make sure that your child completes the homework assignments each night.  It is your child’s responsibility to take home his/her homework folder each day and return homework to the classroom the following day.  Developing strong homework skills is essential to creating responsible habits, and mastering the skills we are learning in the classroom.

Reporting and Communication between First Grade Parents and Teacher

Parent-teacher communication is vital to helping your child have a successful year.  You are the primary educator of your child.  The work that I do in the classroom means very little without your help.  Please check your child’s folder each day when he or she comes home for any notes from me or the school as well as homework and returned papers.  I believe strongly in the power of positive interaction between parents and teachers.  Please feel free to send a note to me whenever you have questions or comments regarding your child.  I will try to get back to you by the next day or by phone the same day.  You can send notes in your child’s folder to school, or drop them in my box in the office.  You may also contact me through e-mail.  I may not be able to respond to your e-mail in detail, but I check it each day.  The address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Report Cards/Conferences

Report cards are sent home at the end of each trimester.  In between report cards, you will receive a progress report to update you on your child’s progress in school.  Please see the school calendar for days that progress reports and report cards will be sent home.  On report cards, your student will receive grades in the form of:

  • O = Outstanding

  • G = Good

  • S = Satisfactory

  • N = Needs Improvement

Parent conferences will be held at the beginning of November.  Please plan to sign up for a time at the PTO meeting prior to conferences.  I look forward to this time to talk about your child’s progress with you.


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