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Understanding Your Third Grade Child

Encourage your child to be friends with everyone.
Encourage your child to be positive role models and leaders of our school
Encourage them to be kind, and patient to all.
Bullying and clicks are not tolerated behavior in my classroom.

Needs of Third Grade Children


Every third grader should be IN BED between 8 and 8:30.  Set a bedtime and stick to it!
Try not to schedule so much into your child’s life that there is no longer free time to play.  Special lessons are wonderful and important; as are sports and clubs, but sometimes it is overwhelming to a child if too much is planned at one time.  Beware of sports programs that schedule late practices, ending around 8.  By the time the child gets home, washes, eats and relaxes, it could mean bedtime is at 9 or 10!


Third graders eat lunch at the tables in the Cafeteria.  Please include a paper napkin and one sheet of paper towels in your child’s lunch box each day.  The towel can be used as a place mat and spills/crumbs can be quickly wiped up.  NO SODA OR CANDY should be sent to school.  Glass containers are also not allowed.  The children have been told to bring uneaten food home so that you know what and how much is eaten.  DO NOT bring forgotten lunches to school.  Classmates will be encouraged to share a small part of their lunch with their friends.  Occasionally surprise your child with a note tucked in the lunch box.  It might simply say, “I love you!” or “I hope you are having a good day!”  Not only is this a reassuring touch, but it encourages reading, as well.


A nutrition break takes place each morning at 10:10, before recess.  Here are some suggestions: small pieces of fruit, celery/carrot sticks, cheese, crackers, a small muffin, raisins ...something good for your child!  The snack should be SMALL because it must be eaten in 5 minutes.  Chip, cookies or fruit rolls are not considered nutritious snacks.

Birthday Treats

Whenever a child celebrates a birthday he/she receives a card and a gift from the class treasure chest.  We sing “Happy Birthday” and bless him/her.  It is fine to send a treat for the entire class (25 children), as long as it is easy to hand out.  The children will be given the treat at snack or lunch time.  Please do not send the bakery cupcakes that have lots of frosting; frequently these go uneaten.  A simple cookie or muffin is perfect.  Another suggestion (instead of food) for a birthday treat is a new fancy pencil or eraser for everyone.  Some children have chosen a favorite book to place on our classroom library shelf.  The book was inscribed with their name and date of their gift to the class.
If your child has a summer birthday, you might want to celebrate the “half birthday.”  Please let me know ahead of time, if you plan on sending a treat.  It is best to send the treat to school in the morning when your child comes to school.

Please let me know if your child has a food allergy so we can let parents know what NOT to send for treats.

How Parents Can Help Their Third Grade Child

·        Encourage your child to read aloud with you or by themselves daily.
·        Always check their folders and backpacks for assignments or notes from the teacher.
·        Know that your child will have daily homework assignments.
·        Any class work that is not completed in class becomes part of their homework.
·        There will be no extra credit assignments given.
·        Please assist your child with at home projects.

Homework Expectation of Third Grade Children

In third grade all children use a Planner Booklet in which they will write their homework.  It is large and not easy to lose!  Each day your child will write assignments in it, as well as important information for the week.  It should be returned to school daily in the homework folder.  Please initial it daily to indicate that you have seen the homework.

Homework is the responsibility of the CHILD!  Parents do need to provide the materials and a quiet place, but the child is responsible for taking the work home, doing it, placing it back in the folder and book bag, and having it at school the next day.  If your child forgets the book or paper in school, please DO NOT ask someone in the office or the custodian to open the door.  IF YOUR CHILD LEAVES THE HOMEWORK AT HOME OR IN THE CAR, DO NOT BRING IT TO SCHOOL!  Learning responsibility and accepting consequences for one’s actions are both parts of becoming a good citizen.

Homework should last one hour for third grade.  If your child finishes quickly, he/she should read the remainder of the time.  If it takes longer than one hour, try setting a timer so that your child will become more aware of time passing.  Often daydreaming or dawdling is the reason it is not completed in a reasonable length of time.  Homework is REVIEW or PRACTICE of a skill and should not be difficult.  Please contact me if doing homework is becoming a problem at your house.

I do ask parents to take part in homework by listening to their child read or by signing a parent page that gives you information on what is happening in class.
Our SAXON math program requires that homework be done every night.  There will usually be one page of math fact practice and one page of class review.  Help might be necessary if your child struggles with reading directions.  These papers should be corrected at home and signed on a daily basis.

Friday Folders
Daily work is filed in our classroom and sent home on Friday in a special “Friday Folder.”  This gives you extra time on the weekend to discuss the work with your child. PRAISE! HELP! REVIEW! Return the folder on Monday morning, empty.  Please initial and write a comment of encouragement to your child on the parent form.