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Reporting and Communication between Parents and Teachers

-   Parent- Teacher Conference in November 2008.

-   Friday Folders: Reviews student’s weekly assignments (Signature Required of Guardian).

-  Teacher's notes, emails, and phone calls regarding student’s progress.
Individual contact with parents when need arises.

-   Parents are encouraged to send a note, phone the teacher at school, email, or make an appointment for a conference whenever they have a concern, letting the teacher know of significant changes or events (new glasses, loss of pet, family emergency, change in living arrangements, etc...) that might affects the student’s ability to learn.

3rd Grade’s Class Wish List
1.  Newspapers
2.  Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener
3.  Magazines (National Geographic, Kids Times, Science for Kids etc.)
4.  Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
5.  Fabric (green, red, Christmas material patterns: Snowman, Santa Claus, Angel’s etc.)
6.  Tempera paints ( red, blue, yellow, green, brown, orange, black, and purple).
7.  Paper Plates:    -Small, Medium, and Large
8.  Brown bags (lunch size)
9.  Paper cups:   -Small, Medium, and Large
10.  Tongue depressors
11. Yarn (fall colors and Christmas colors)
12.  Scraps of Fabric (fall colors)
13.  Ziploc Baggies:    -Small  & -Large
14.  Wired hangers (from the cleaners)
15.  Shoe boxes
16.  Felt squares (variety of colors)
17.  Egg cartons
18.  Potting soil
19.  Seeds for  growing herbs
20.  Small clay pots (class set of 24)
21.  Toilet paper rolls
22.  Paper towels
23.  Wipes
24.  Glitter (variety of colors)
25.  Straws
26.  Foil

Look around your house for some of these items to donate.  Please contribute to our classroom purchasing any of the items above.  Put your name next to the items you wish to donate, this would be greatly appreciated for our classroom projects.  We will be using these items for art, science, religion, social studies and a wide variety of other activities throughout the school year.


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