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Fifth Grade - Accelerated Reading

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Accelerated Reader is a program that was developed from Renaissance Learning to accelerate growth in reading ability, foster a love of reading in all students, develop lifelong learners and critical thinkers, and to improve test scores.

What is Accelerated Reader?

A software program that helps motivate, monitor, and manage student reading practice.


As you know reading skills are the most important skills we use throughout our lives.It is my goal to develop these students reading skills, as it affects every aspect of education. With this program we will spend about a half an hour a day silently reading.This will give me time to work with students individually, give immediate feedback, and monitor reading comprehension.

How it will work?

The students will be given a chart and a reading plan (each student has one so please feel free to look at it).On their reading plan they will be given a suggested reading level and a certain amount of points they have to reach within a six-week period.Every morning we will be silently reading for 30 minutes, allowing me to go around and work with students individually to monitor reading skills and comprehension.

This reading is to be done in class!!!

We are fortunate enough to have an incredible amount of Accelerated Reading books in the library, all of which have reading levels and points that your child understands.After they complete a book they will take a computerized test to evaluate their comprehension level. Every six weeks those test scores will be averaged and it will go into their reading grade. At that time I will send home their reading plan for a parent signature so you can see how they did and how they scored.

This program has an unbelievable success rate and I am very excited to be able to implement it with this class. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Accelerated Reader is somewhat hard to explain through a letter, but I wanted to at least make you aware of this.Like I said at the beginning, we have gone over this in class and the students understand it so feel free to have them explain it to you also.


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