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Fifth Grade - Reading List

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Here are books we will read and enjoy throughout the school year. Scroll down to view the complete list. If you would like to download the list, click here - Fifth Grade In-Class Reading List

The Cricket in Times Square
By: George Seldon

Chester, a cricket from Connecticut, takes a ride in a picnic basket and winds up in a Times Square subway station. Here he meets two other friends and they embark on an adventure that provokes the true meaning of friendship, trust, and family relationships.

Number the Stars
By: Lois Lowry

Tolerance is the central theme of the 5th grade classroom. We start the year reading Number the Stars to recognize our cultural differences. This book is set in 1943, during the German occupation of Demark, ten year old Annemarie learns how to be brave and courageous when she helps shelter her Jewish friend from the Nazis.

Maniac Magee

By: Jerry Spinelli

Maniac Magee is an orphaned child who is in search of a family, friends, and a home. This book helps the children focus on the importance of accepting and tolerating those who may be different or less fortunate. Throughout this book we concentrate on characterization. This book helps the students develop an understanding and appreciation for various characters, they understand their ideas, humor, personality, etc. It’s the one book where the characters finally come to life!

The Sign of the Beaver
By: Elizabeth George Speare

The Sign of the Beaver is an historical fiction book based on American colonization in New England. Speare created a realistic story about a boy who is befriended by a Native American man and his young son. This is a survival tale about what two young boys go through during the creation of the United States of America. This book focuses on the differences between the Europeans and the Native Americans, while giving the children a vivid, realistic, and exciting tale of what our country was like in the 1700s.

Bridge to Terabithia

By: Katherine Paterson

Bridge to Terabithia celebrates a friendship that arises between two young people with very different backgrounds. Out of that friendship comes a terrible loss that one of the characters struggles to understand. The book explores how hard some people have to struggle against family and environment to express their own creativity. This book concludes the year and the powerful theme that is talked about endlessly…tolerance!!


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