Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Student Council

The Role of the Student Council

The Student Council of Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School provides leadership and service to the school community. The Student Council organizes and leads service activities such as the Hunger Lunch and social activities. It also promotes a sense of spirituality and community by leading a prayer service at each Friday morning assembly. The Council promotes school spirit by sponsoring pep rallies, our athletic program and a talent show. The Student Council also sponsors Red Ribbon Week activities which encourage a drug free lifestyle.
The members of the Student Council are elected by the Student Body. Elections are held in the Spring, and students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades are eligible to run for office.

Officers of the Student Council

The responsibilities of the Student Council officers are listed below.


  Runs all Student Council meetings.
  Helps implement all Student Council activities.
  Meets regularly with Student Council Moderator, Vice President, and Principal.
  Keeps the faculty and staff up-to-date on all upcoming events.

Vice President

  Meets regularly with Student Council Moderator, President and Principal.
  Helps the President and Moderator implement all Student Body activities.


  Keeps written or typed minutes of all Student Council Meetings. Distributes minutes to all S.C. members, moderator, and Principal.
  Makes flyers and/or posters for all Student Council activities and events. All flyers/posters must have principal’s approval.
  Sets-up Student Council phone tree.
  Updates Student Council bulletin board monthly (Historian provides pictures).


  Keeps an accurate record of Student Council funds and petty cash box.
  Leads all Student Council sales and fundraisers.
  Prepares deposits of all Student Council funds.

Religious Affairs

  Assists in planning Student Body masses and liturgies.
  Takes charge of all Student Body religious activities.Including HCA, Hunger Lunch, and 50 cent Drive.

Social Affairs

  Plans and helps implement all social events sponsored by Student Council.

Sports and Ecology

  Posts game schedules on the Student Council Bulletin Board.
  Announces games and game results over intercom.
  Helps Athletic Director plan and run all Pep rallies.
  Runs all school ecological activities.


  Take photographs at all school functions.
  Provides photographs to yearbook Advisor and Committee on a monthly basis.
  Provides photographs to Student Council secretary for Student Council Bulletin Board.
  Runs Student Council photo sale.

PeaceBuilder Representatives

Updates and maintains the PeaceBuilder bulletin board.
Organizes and conducts the PeaceBuilder portion of Friday assemblies.
Distributes and collects classroom Praise Notes.

Class Representatives

  Keep teachers and students informed of all Student Council activities.
  Assist in any and all Student Council activities and functions.

Music Ministry

  Plans music for assemblies, pep assemblies, and school masses.
  Meets regularly with music teacher and Religious Affairs.
  Assists Social Affairs with social events (responsible for music).
  Assists in all school activities that incorporate music (Christmas Program, Spring Sing, etc).

2011-12 Student Council Activities


7th-16th  Popsicle Sale after school  
9th          Welcome Back assembly  
16th        Installation of Student Council

21st        International Day of Peace/Pinwheels for Peace

22nd       Popsicle Sale after school
28th        Bake Sale during morning and lunch recess
29th        Popsicle Sale after school






  6th- Feast of St. Nicholas













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