Did we mention there's a ghostly drum corps? Folks travel from across the country to experience the spectacular spooks designed by professional television and film prop masters. Don't forget to visit the outdoor Shriekeasy Bar, too. Haunted house aficionados should also check out the 13th Floor's YouTube channel, which offers "Behind the Screams" videos highlighting the artistry that goes into creating these annual experiences. Location: Lee, NHGeneral admission price: $27, $7 in the daytime. For some reason, I think they added “haunted” or ” possibly haunted” to the titles to bump up prices. Some have even shifted to a drive-through model, where instead of getting grabbed by a costumed actor-monster, they'll scare the daylights out of you by...thwapping their slimy ghoul hands on your passenger-side window? Their main theme of this year, "Halloween Nightmares," centers around a centuries-old feud between two rural Georgia clans that takes a supernatural turn (and the costumes look super impressive). Credit: . They promise a host of thrills and chills that double as incredible B-movie titles: "Weird Shadow Creatures! Catherine C. via Yelp; Credit: https://zzzippy.com/zzzippys-list/best-haunted-houses-america-top-13 Here are 10 of the scariest haunted houses in America to visit for Halloween. These are the most extreme haunted house attractions in America! Ocean City Screams Haunted House via Yelp. It's a whole season, packed with horror movie binges, ghost stories, delicious themed snacks, fright-filled festivals, plus obsessive costume planning. Nashville Nightmare is one of America's Scariest Haunted Houses and features year around events including a haunted Christmas Show and Valentines Day Horror Show. If you dare, check out these Halloween attractions for lots of terrifying thrills. Back to the top America Haunts, representing the best Halloween attractions in America With more than 28 haunted houses and attractions across the country, America Haunts delivers fear-based entertainment to more than a million thrill seekers each season. As with most everything else, the coronavirus has affected the way we'll experience haunted houses in 2020. Image via Facebook/Insanitarium Haunted Attraction. On Yelp, one satisfied customer notes that the Pinson-based attraction is … The Spawn of the Zombie Queen! The Chamber of The Elder Thing! Location: Baton Rouge, LAGeneral admission price: $30, $60 for VIP. Norm G. via Yelp, Credit: Location: Denver, COGeneral admission price: $19.99-32.99, date depending. . Nightmare Haunted House via Yelp. Trail of Terror via Yelp, Credit: The Lords of Autumn! That means you'll wait to receive a notification telling you when it's time to get in a short admittance line (which honestly sounds pretty sweet). Julienne D. via Yelp. The floors are uneven; the slides are fast and dark; you WILL be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors." #netherworld #hauntedhouse #savehalloween #americahaunts #halloween #happyhalloween #hauntedhouses #haunt #haunts #haunter #haunters #exploregwinnett #discoveratl #discoveratlanta #stonemountainga #snellvillega #lilburnga #atlantaga #halloweeniscoming #wearamask #halloweenmasks #exploregeorgia #evermorecid #halloween365 #hauntedattraction #netherspawn #1313 #netherworldway #halloween2020 #trickortreat, A post shared by NETHERWORLD (@netherworldhauntedhouse) on Jul 22, 2020 at 9:31pm PDT, Location: Stone Mountain, GAGeneral admission price: Not listed. Levitating Vampires! Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Horror in the Walls! Start listening to T+L's brand new podcast, Let's Go Together! Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Read all about the scariest haunted house in Nashville. The Cavern of the Bat Beasts! For those who look forward to October 31st all year long, Halloween is no one-day affair. https://bestlifeonline.com/15-most-haunted-places-in-america And, of course, for the ultra brave, a visit to a scary haunted house. Hotel of Horror via Yelp, Credit: The Best Flower Festivals Around the Country, 10 of the Best Foot Massagers for De-Stressing, The Top 10 Healthiest and Happiest States. Visit during October to participate in ghost hunts, paranormal tours and flashlight tours, or attend the annual Asylum Cipriano M. via Yelp; Credit: America's Best Haunted Houses | USA's 13 Scariest Haunted Houses -. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/haunted-house-attractions-2019 Lair of the Ancient Alchemist! Shocktoberfest – Scared and Naked Challenge; DailyMail. Kevin N. via Yelp; Jessica M. via Yelp, Credit: Headless Horseman’s Hayrides and Haunted Houses - Ulster Park, New York - www.headlesshorseman.com: Headless Horseman is our second best haunted Screampark 2013, because they have the best haunted hayride in America. Look, it's right there in the name: This is haunted ground. The Gauntlet of the Scarecrows! . The Headless Horseman takes us back to the 1700s on a 65-acre, 250-year-old farm in … Location: Fort Worth, TXGeneral admission price: Not listed. The Whaley House was first reported as haunted by the Whaley Family themselves in the 1800s, as supposedly many public hangings had taken place in that location. The Drish House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Travel + Leisure is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation Travel + Leisure Group All Rights Reserved, registered in the United States and other countries. Mister F. via Yelp, Credit: The Temple of the Bat God! The 40,000 square feet of ultra-realistic sets and scenarios include an outdoor graveyard full of zombies, and an abandoned asylum. In honor of all things spooky and scary, Yelp went through users’ reviews to discover the best places in the country to feel the heebie-jeebies this Halloween season. In the spirit of the season, here is our list of the 10 most haunted houses in America. While Alaska is home … Flagstaff's Hotel Monte Vista has its fair share of paranormal guests who have... St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida. The Dead End Hayride via Yelp; Kara D. via Yelp, Credit: The fact that it's actually a haunted house. The greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more — as voted by you. "From the moment you arrive on Kersey Valley property, you are fair game to each and every haunted creature residing here," the site warns. Officially named as the most haunted house in Alabama, the story behind The... 2. Jesse Lee Home for Children in Seward, Alaska. The 25 Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. America's Scariest Halloween Attractions Every Halloween, a frightening fever sweeps the nation with scary haunted houses, hair-raising theme parks and creepy mazes. Nashville Nightmare is a cutting edge haunted house located in Tennessee. Fright Kingdom via Yelp, Credit: Location: Cincinnati, OHGeneral admission price: $20-25. 1. Location: Glen Mills, PAGeneral admission price: $40-75, with $30 group rates. Location: Archdale NCGeneral admission price: $30-35, $55 for VIP and $70 to skip the long lines. Oprah Magazine participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Brandy Q. via Yelp; Zewditu via Yelp, Credit: What terrors await on the cursed 13th Floor? The Collector (along with a couple of new creeps you’ll soon meet) is really diggin’ his new official address...1313 NETHERWORLD WAY, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 Same Location - New Street Address . After 20 years in Norcross, = one of the most terrifying haunted houses in all of America has moved to Stone Mountain. Don't miss Carnevil across the street, a festive celebration full of costumed characters, fire artists, and more revelry. Haunted Hayrides is a website to help people find haunted hayrides, Halloween attractions, corn mazes, fall festivals, haunted houses and more state by state across America. https://www.mapquest.com/travel/spookiest-haunted-houses-america For those seeking a more family-friendly experience, bring kids before dark for the Day Haunt where there won't be any monsters. Pumpkin Patch Peril! The Secret of the Swarms!" Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re moving, you may want to check if the house is haunted first. In 2020, though, those actors won't be touching anyone—masks are also required, and there's a temperature check at the door. . Some, such as Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, will skip this year entirely. Emilio E. via Yelp; Danielle M. via Yelp, Credit: Founded in 1985, this mostly family-friendly haunt is looking to secure a new location currently but it will be up and running. https://www.insider.com/scariest-haunted-houses-america-2017-10 https://www.oprahmag.com/life/g33861427/scariest-haunted-houses-in-us Our editors handpick the products that we feature. What makes the Insantiarum Haunted Attraction the best haunted house experience in Alabama? Spooky Ranch at Rockin'-R- Ranch – Columbia, Ohio. Location: Mountville, PAGeneral admission price: $16 per attraction, $35 for all 4. I am just a amateur paranormal investigating enthusiast who from my experiences have seen more “manufactured haunting” than you can imagine by sellers and even real estate agents to raise prices by as much as five times the actual value of a home. But for the many who will welcome guests, safety is a priority, with socially-distanced admission policies and rules that you must wear a mask. Darkside Haunted House via Yelp; Josh G. via Yelp, Credit: To ease into this list of extreme experiences let’s start with some flagrant nudity! 50 Spooky Houses In America How do these rankings work? The 10 Most Haunted Places in America | Haunted Rooms America After all, you wouldn’t want any uninvited guests to show up at your housewarming party! In 2020, their safety precautions include reduced capacity, timed admissions, and of course a mask requirement (and not the rubber werewolf kind). The 25 Most Haunted Places in America - Haunted Places Near Me https://www.mostfamouslist.com/most-haunted-houses-in-america Georgia's Netherworld has been consistently ranked as a top scary Halloween attraction. All that plus escape rooms and lazer tag, too. Steve l. via Yelp, Credit: Lexus P. via Yelp; Jorge Z. via Yelp, Credit: https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/most-haunted-places-in-america The Pink Palace, Louisville, Kentucky (One of the “Friendly” Offers may be subject to change without notice. Bane Haunted House via Yelp, Credit: Louisiana's known for its bayous, and 13th Gate is known for its swampy pools full of actual snakes. Lancaster County's Field of Screams offers four themed attractions: The Frightmare Asylum, Den of Darkness, Nocturnal Wasteland, and the Haunted Hayride—which sounds less scary, but looks absolutely TERRIFYING in this video trailer. The third attraction, the monster-filled Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Corn Trail, features walk-through sets and over 30 actors in creepy costume. The tour offers a veritable small town of hair-raising sets, and actors in admirably-detailed costumes. You can take a ghost tour on Wednesdays in October, and true thrill-seekers can experience the Dent Schoolhouse *in complete darkness* on November 6 and 7. https://www.timeout.com/usa/things-to-do/scariest-haunted-houses-in-the-US We may earn commission from the links on this page. Honestly, not sure—but given how wildly creative the people who produce these types of events are, the joyous terror is bound to be worth the trip. Kristopha H. via Yelp; Cipriano M. via Yelp, Credit: Terror in the Corn – Erie, Colorado. The Bates Motel and Bates Psycho Path (GET IT?) These days, brave visitors roam the schoolhouse halls and the outdoor Queen City Slaughter Yard to find horrors around every corner. The 30 Most Haunted Places in America Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Arizona. Lemp Mansion- St. Louis, Missouri Anchorage’s Oldest Haunted House. Carolyn C. via Yelp, Credit: The 25 Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S. | Travel + Leisure It'll take you about an hour to get through, and expect hanging butchered bodies, maniacs with chainsaws, and—well, we'll let their site say it: "Beware: You’ll receive ELECTRICAL SHOCKS. Actors in exquisitely ghoulish costume, for one, plus high-tech animations, and rooms that may move to shake your sense of reality. RELATED: 10 Most Haunted Places On The East Coast New Hampshire's Haunted Overload channels that mood at the DeMerritt Hill Farm each year, transforming it into an immersive experience that's more spooky than gory—but always chillingly done. In 2020, in addition to mask requirements and mandatory distancing, they'll admit via "virtual queue." Brighton Asylum via Yelp, Credit: Nowadays, the Whaley House has been converted to the Whaley House Museum, and is said to be haunted by the Whaley family themselves! Travel + Leisure may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Flesh Ripping Werewolves! Whether you're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit in 2020. Fans flock to Ulster Park, NY, every year for the theatrical Headless Horseman Hayride, corn maze, and several haunted house experiences on the grounds of a gorgeous, historic 18th-century manor. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. So named for its location in a former meatpacking plant, Cutting Edge has made the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest walk-through haunted attraction (everything really IS bigger in Texas). Travel + Leisure is part of the Travel + Leisure Group. Don R. via Yelp; Josh G. via Yelp, Credit: Taken with a grain of salt, the allegedly-true Dent Schoolhouse storyline is a fun one: The attraction's website claims it was once an actual public school, but it closed in the 1950s after a janitor known as Charlie was suspected of foul play after kids started going missing. Nancy L. via Yelp; Dungeon of Doom Haunted House via Yelp, Credit: You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Women, 46 BFF Halloween Costume Ideas You Can DIY, The Best Halloween Books for a Spooky Night In, Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses. Prince H. via Yelp, Credit: "Almost every Insantarium worker has experienced something unexplained [in the house]," the official website points out. Anchorage’s Fright Night Manor takes top honors in the state of Alaska for the 4th straight year! 10. There's three limited-capacity attractions in 2020: Dead End District, an abandoned "town" with lingering residents you don't want to run into, a Creature Feature starring silver screen vampires, mummies, and werewolves, and Deadly Reflections (LOVE a good haunted mirror). have been dazzling visitors for almost 30 years with a particularly slick experience featuring animatronic props actors, and digital FX. 30 Best Haunted Houses in America That Will Send You Screaming Credit: This video trailer shows you what to expect, and we're officially spooked by what we see—but drive carefully through your fear, mmkay? Hosted by Kellee Edwards. A classic done right: Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses Ulster Park, New York Everyone’s favorite decapitated Hessian Soldier has his own haunted house. Location: Ulster Park, NYGeneral admission price: $39.95 to $47.95 + fees. Shocktober via Yelp, Credit: Credit: #1: New England is famous for its eldritch history, with its real-life witch trials and 19th century "vampire hunters." In 2020, the hayride will be replaced by a drive-through experience titled "The Horseman's Trail."

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