. Whether you are an electrical engineer or any I will suggest some channels which are actually useful for every engineer or in fact every innovative person i.e. His focus on social and political issues, however, like the debt limit and how to become Pope, rounds him off at number 7. Which is on the high demand (( Notebook engineering OR Electrical engineering ))after 4 years or in the 2025. well you have to study electrical engineering to study pc engineering. Afrotechmods 4. 5. The engineerguy conducts his lessons the way you wish your professors conducted them during your undergrad: explaining each component bit by bit, taking a hammer to it, and tossing what remains to the class for inspection. Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline concerned with the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.It emerged as an identifiable occupation in the latter half of the 19th century after commercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone, and electrical power generation, distribution and use. Don’t forget to vote for our reader's favorite list. Channels definitely worthwhile clicking the subscribe button. We made it convenient for you and listed 8 channels for electronic engineers, hobbyists, hackers, and makers. Any good youtube channels which explains in accordance with the practicality and maybe explains in such a way that I could try on my own. Who would have thought that watching someone dissect a wolf would be adorable? 외국인 반응! Though very educational, Khan Academy could use a little bit more polish to make it higher on our list. Electrical engineers who land jobs with General Electric have the chance to work with esteemed innovators, engineers, and scientists to develop economically viable and environmentally sustainable clean-energy systems that utilize air, solar, and wave power. I would also suggest their other videos like SciShow, and their partnership with Mental Floss. Recently there has been more electrical and computer science engineers hired and they get laptops because they need them. Khan Academy feels like a video you would watch to get the initial understanding you need for a school project, not something you might watch during your lunch break. There is nothing like learning Astrophysics from a man with a voice so dreamy you could imagine it incorporeally living among the stars, such as in an Asimov short story. It was very hard not to put all of Hank and John Green’s Vlogbrother channels on this list. EEVblog is a particularly interesting YouTube channel for both students of electrical engineering and professionals in the field. If you like his meatier videos, however, which usually clock in under 4 minutes, you can learn about a vast array of physics concepts like Parallel Universes and the Higgs. All Rights Reserved | Channel Earnings Estimator, In this video I discuss electrical engineering versus pc engineering and how to know which major is right for you. Key Topics: Signals and systems Adafruit Industries 2. Welcome to the Hindustan Startup YouTube channel. Both informative and entertaining, Vsauce is a great place to hang out to learn little nerdy snippets of information. It's to study at home if I can't get to classes or something . The channel has something to offer every engineer out there. I want to dive deep into this field. Electrical engineers go on to take power, communications, and electromagnetism courses whereas pc engineers take discrete math, pc architecture, and pc networks. Any good electrical engineering YouTube channels you guys can recommend? AIRTEC INTERCOOLER INSTALL | MK2 FOCUS ST225 | AutoBay, Installing a Depo Racing Intercooler on my Focus ST! I want someone that has videos for every subject in the career (or some subjects), not ramdom videos explaining random tips about electronic. , What is the finest topic cse or electrical engineering, Electronics or pc science engineering which is more scope. If you like the idea of watching an engineering professor explain how a microwave works while taking it apart right in front of you, then let me introduce you to Bill Hammack. It is one of the largest engineering channels on the web. experience for stories! share. In Crash Course, the entrepreneurial and science loving Hank, with his brother (and NY Times bestselling author) John teach Chemistry, Biology, US History, World History, Literature, and Ecology. Thermal overload relay.. visit my YouTube channel for more knowledgeable video.. 2) Questions about current engineering projects you are working on, how to interpret codes and standards, and industry practice are all encouraged. Advantage of VFD for more knowledgeable video visit my YouTube channel.. Today, engineers have the ability to learn from topics as diverse as biology and astrophysics at the click of a button. 3 years ago. Can you recommend a good youtube channel for electronic engineering? Darryl Morrell provides instructional videos covering a wide range of electrical engineering topics on his YouTube channel. 77% Upvoted. The options are vast, but here is’s top ten YouTube Channel list. I'm in mechanical engineering but have a basic electrical engineering class.’s Top 10 YouTube Channels for Engineers. If you want to see Grey’s scientific mind in motion, I suggest his video on Nocebos, the opposite of Placebos (yes it is a thing). In terms of careers both electrical engineering and pc engineering majors can be qualified for many of the same positions. Bad Obsession Motorsports Specifically the Project Binky video series. Search Electrical Engineering Vs Computer Engineering - How to Pick the Right Major MajorPrep song statistics with sub count live checker. As well as exclusive statements from the people behind the Youtube channels and some of the authorities in the business. Though not often science or engineering based, an engineer would be hard pressed to turn off a CGP Grey video. Your videos have helped me understand what thoses classes actualy mean and what they are and even how they work. Theory. | Nickjoenap, UPGRADE TIME || Focus ST stage 2 intercooler install | Dasi\'s Garage, Best Of Babbu Maan / Top songs/Fan of Babbu Maan | All in one ride, Best of Babbu Maan Songs | Desi Mashup Songs | Desi Mashup Songs, Best of Babbu Maan punjabi Songs Collection | Maan Jogi Nawanshariya, Babbu Mann Mega Mix bass boosted best of punjabi songs latest punjabi songs 2017 | PUNJABI VIDEO, Best of Babbu Maan | Audio Jukebox | Babbu Maan, बब्बू मान के हिट गाने : Babbu Maan Top Jukebox 10 Songs in Single Track | JUST 4 FUN, BEST OF BABBU MAAN | AUDIO JUKEBOX | PUNJABI SAD SONGS | T-SERIES APNAPUNJAB | T-Series Apna Punjab, Babbu Maan Top 5 Song best song forever best of babbu maan punjabi song album | Malik Official, Best of Babbu Maan | Audio Jukebox | Latest Punjabi Songs Collection I'm planning to just start at square 1 and binge study over the weekend. Informative and fun to watch, Darryl has more than 15,000 subscribers and 3,000,000 views. My name is Jay Trivedi & I am Digital Entrepreneur. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our you are right palace for find top useful electrical engineering study channel who are help you preparing your … Not to toot our own horn, but with over 300 videos, some with views in the hundreds of thousands, it is fair to include on the list. From the DIY show “Some Assembly Required”, to “The Product Design Show”, our channel has something for every engineer. Any good online sources you guys can recommend? The issue is my project requires connecting to vehicles to diagnose, calibrate, etc. Here you will find videos on different topics of Electrical Engineering. Pakistan About Youtuber Hi viewers, I am Ibrahim Khan, and made the Youtube channel for you to learn anything about Electrical and Electronics field. I am basically a beginner in electrical engineering. AN ENGINEER 1. *************************************** AddOhms 3. The options are vast, but here is’s top ten YouTube Channel list. Youtube channel for engineering. but not only do I lack the hardware and software to connect but I also lack a portable computer to use it with. In terms of careers both electrical engineering and pc engineering majors can be qualified for many of the same positions. YouTube has become a haven for many interesting and educational channels. We will report back on the results in a later article. Today, engineers have the ability to learn from topics as diverse as biology and astrophysics at the click of a button. I follow below channels, Hope it helps to you: 1. And with videos that have hundreds of thousands of views, the channel is also popular and well … Autodesk EAGLE 6. He knows what he is talking about and he can explain the tides in 18 seconds. Why uses OLR for more knowledgeable video visit my YouTube channel.. Then if you are leaning towards pc vision or working on pc hardware, then of course pc engineering would be better. For stats on math, science, and engineering majors, check us out at 2 | Babbu Maan Fan Club, ИГРАЮ ПРОТИВ 12 ЛЕТНЕГО ГЛОБАЛА | Nik Danya, КРАСАВЕЦ ПК В КОРПУСЕ DeepCool Earlkase RGB + GAMMAXX GT | ARSIK, Eröffnung TOMiziel Hauser Kaibling | ennstalTV, São Paulo muda regras para mesas na calçada | Band Jornalismo, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Pokemon Trainer Ash (Kalos) | GCPM, Hily - the New Smart Dating App | Hily App, Munir El Haddadi 2018/2019 - Barcelona - Goals & Skills | HD | SCHD Football, How to play a Nintendo DS on your computer with commentry | crystalgame, 인생 고기, 한우를 만나다! 1++ Korean Hanoo Beef BBQ! | Eating what is Given, YEATLE GETS RANK 1 - BEST HAMMOND! - Kırgın Çiçekler | Kırgın Çiçekler, Southern Ohio Holistic And Psychic Fair | Trish Mckinnley, The Complete VALORANT Movement Guide (Beginner Tips) | HITSCAN - Ryan & Mysca, Year of Jubilee | Live for Something Greater | Jubilee, - Nachrichten - Alternative Klimaforschung |, 5 Misconceptions About Voice Acting | CDawgVA, Kuinka Löytää Oma Meikki-ja Hiustyyli | Meeri Toivonen, Inkling's Ink Usage in Super Smash Bros. This thread is … The Australian electronics design engineer, David L. Jones, hosts this huge engineering channel with 430,000 and counting subscribers. In StarTalk Radio, Niel deGrasse Tyson and his team of comedians help answer the science questions of their viewership with a grain of salt and a sense of humour. Then you can vote and give us yours. There is a reason ENGINEERING.COM shares many of Henry Reich’s videos. Best YouTube Channel Electrical Engineering GATE, SSC JE, IES Exam 2019.We all know we have use YouTube for entertainment purpose but this article for you if you searching What is the best YouTube channel for electrical engineering student for study GATE, IES And SSC JE 2019?. 1. Both these engineering disciplines share a lot of classes in undergrad. “Don’t forget to be awesome.”. Copyright © 2020, Inc. All rights reserved. Just not during lunch, okay? will be starting a series of top ten lists about society, pop culture, the profession and anything else we can think of. Electrical Engineer YouTube Channel Intro Visit our website http://www.StudyElectrical.Com/ To vote on your favorite YouTube channel click here. Not all of her videos are questionable for workplace viewership, so I suggest you check her out, especially if you have a love of biology. Eg . One of my favourite memories of elementary school was when the science teacher would bring in a representative of Mad Science to show us some whacky, kooky science. 10. 3) Images related to engineering are accepted provided they are relevant to engineering. Want to learn subconsciously while being entertained? Long story short, I failed all my quizzes and need to get really high in my finals to pass the class. I'm from a foreign country and was looking to run from scratch and search a newest path. Copyright © 2018 Realtime Youtube Statistics Checker. Though it would be great for Nerdfighteria (their fan base), it would not be productive as a top ten list. Preset counter for more knowledgeable video visit my YouTube channel.. He will show you some crazy science experiments that will keep you guessing and even stump many of his fellow science-loving youtubers. Though each video has a theme and seems to have a sense of flow at the time, the random grab-bag topic signature of Vsauce can make it difficult to remember which video contains the fact you want to find. ►Patreon: His videos include information about DC Circuit Analysis, AC Circuit Analysis, Signals, and more. We're working on a new The Engineerguy Youtube channel was created by Bill Hammack, an engineering professor, in 2010, someone who in 2019 won the Carl Sagan Award for the Public Appreciation of Science, an award with which heavy-hitters like Bill Nye and Steven Pinker have also been commended. They both encounter circuits, electronics, programming, and plenty of math. To start off we will give you our picks. save hide report. RETRIBUTION CUSTOM ZOMBIES! I've spend countless hours trying to figure it out on many different univerities blogs and you're the only one that made it understandable. Though the subjects and content are quite entertaining (spanning the science of the Kites in Marry Poppins to why there are no green stars), the lack of visuals, save the gang goofing off in a sound stage, bring Tyson and his team to number 5. This channel is meant for Electrical Engineering Students. The channel has a range of shows, from the DIY segments called “Some Assembly Required”, to “The Product Design Show”. ►Fb:, Bro compare Mechanical versus Notebook Science Engg. Otherwise you could do research because both these majors can work in a wide range of territories with a lot of overlap. 38 comments. But if you are leaning towards something like power systems or communications then electrical engineering would be a better choice. Please Give Me recommendation rapidly, because it is my future's question. Short circuit of 132. kv My YouTube channel ⚡⚡⚡ ⤵️ Channel about electrical and electronic engineering study content. Privacy Policy. You will find a wide array of sources from which you can learn how to build stuff on your own. *************************************** Don’t forget to vote for our reader's favorite list. YouTube has become a haven for many interesting and educational channels. [ OVERWATCH SEASON 17 TOP 500 ] | Overwatch Pro, THE MOST OP WEAPONS EVER! Difrence B/W MCB and FUSE for more knowledgeable video visit my YouTube channel.. SmarterEveryDay, AsapSCIENCE and IFLScience. I take electrical and electronic cost(engineering)......Will I learn programming to ??? Learn about electricity, circuit theory, and introductory electronics. Then subscribe!! Here are the best channels for engineers to learn something new everyday on YouTube. Thank you!! | Spuddley, ALOE VERA KREMİ NASIL YAPILIR | ALOE VERANIN FAYDALARI | İDDİA EDİYORUM DOĞAL REÇETE | ELMAS\'IN GÜNCESİ, Kemal, Metin'i olmadığını fark ediyor! Its two blokes shoehorning the drivetrain from an 4WD Toyota into the body of a Mini. This is the Channel that is all about Electric and Electronics.In this channel you will watch videos based on electronics, electric and DIY projects step by step and with complete guidance.You can Do it Yourself and make the projects at … Though not for those with a weak stomach, the Brain Scoop, hosted by Emily Graslie, is informative, entertaining, funny and heartwarming. Ultimate | Carls493, Curtain Falls (Instrumental Track With Background Vocals) (Karaoke in the style of Blue) | Easy Karaoke Players - Topic. However, for sheer number of videos (nearing 4000) Khan Academy still deserves a cushy number 8 rank. ►PayPal: For that reason Vsauce starts off our list at number 10. We also have sections that let you get down and dirty with household items, from building your own robot to videos where we disassemble household items to see what's inside. If you still dream of those days then check out Derek Muller. In the video I also discuss pc engineering and electrical engineering projects that may support you decide which major is right for you. If Tyson’s partnership with our number 2 spot were to grow to more episodes, though, they would easily take number one place. Engineers should help each other to make the world a safer and better place. His information is sound and his visuals are cute without being annoying. Electrical engineers go on to take power, communications, and electromagnetism courses whereas pc engineers take discrete math, pc architecture, and pc networks. They are highly entertaining, informative and lovable.

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