Plus, Too Tarts candy creates a new way to eat your ice cream...and it comes in a spray bottle! Marc Summers hosts Holiday Helpings, an Unwrapped special, celebrating the best treats from this festive time of the year. Visit some of America's greatest food capitals, and discover the eats that put them on the map. We're not talkin' gourmet, but rather, foods that dont even require silverware! From Hostess Twinkies to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with stops at Wise Cheez Doodles, Moon Pies, beef jerky, fruit pies, and a visit to the headquarters of Frito Lay. Marc Summers takes a look at Carnival Food from what it takes to be a cotton candy craftsman to secret behinds Auntie Anne's twisted pretzels. Next, freshen your breath with Vanilla Myntz, and much more. In this special vegan edition of the show, Kate learns the surprising secrets of the vegan cheese melt, can Jimmy go vegan for a week? See what Sour Patch Kids are modeled after, head to Hardee?s for their Monster Burger and pucker up for a pickle-eating contest. Last, take a tour of the Hostess Factory. Check out how egg rolls are made and learn the customs surrounding sake. First, we find out what Texas tailgaters throw on their grill at game time. Get a bite out of a spicy cookie called sparks, a jelly filled Pepperidge farm treat. Marc Summers checks out foods that make us feel like a kid again. What it takes to cater a fairy tale wedding at Cinderella's castle? First up, Tabasco and Buffalo Wild Wings. TGIF brings their potato skins into potato chip form, and Cheesecake Factory turns mac & cheese into a fried ball of joy. Marc Summers is inviting you to go behind the scenes of a birthday party. Time to get down to business with some black and white delights. Visit Play-doh, and see how Alphabet soup is served up. It's harvest time for some tasty fall food. Add Image. Then get your fill of frozen dairy delights. See kitchen gadgets galore and check out how Tupperware pops out. Join host, Marc Summers, as he discovers all things Creamy. Next its on to Fondue! It's harvest time for some tasty fall food. Plus, visit the Gatorate lab to learn about the science of sweat. Take a look at the machines behind producing our favorite foods. Then, meet Sister Schubert to find out what makes her rolls so rich, and sail over to Popeye's for a bite of their famous fried chicken! There are some foods that are just part of the American experience-on a special one-hour Unwrapped, we explore these "All-American Eats." Today we're smelling the stinking rose and serving up some versatile dishes of garlic goodies. Plus, learn the history of Subway and check out a condiment contest. Then get a hook on Long John Silver's history, and even more! Check out how carrots can grow beyond their ordinary orange. Host Marc Summers is catching all sorts of fish food. Find out how onion rings get their crunchy cover, and see how Frito-Lay fries up Doritos. Then get the inside peep on Chiclets. Finally, we visit a deli in New York, known for more than just its food. Next, Samuel Adams makes a great companion to a tailgate party: beer! First, PEZ produces half-a-million candy tablets a day... see how all the PEZ heads are put on straight! How do Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Alton Brown prepare for the crazy days on Iron Chef America? First, get a taste of real American barbecue at The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, find out what makes a sundae worth a $1000 and check out the reigning hot dog of New York, Papaya King. Take a ride on a Good Humor truck and get the scoop on water ice! Uncork the mysteries of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider, see how big turkeys get deep fried, and get a slice of how they cut it up at Honey Baked Ham company. From sauces to smoke rings, this one-hour special travels the country to uncover some of the secrets of the BBQ world. Then, check out a soda for grown-ups and take a tour of the Fancy Foods Show. Finally, a chocolate cowgirl with a kick and a sugary ball of fire. Join host Marc Summers for things that go "pop!" Check out the history behind cherrios, learn about the life of a lifesaver, and see how sea foam moves from water to mountains. Discover where Goo-Goo Clusters got their name, and learn how the Pecan Roll got rolling. Grape-nuts don't have grapes or nuts inside! If you can't decide between turkey or duck or chicken, "turduchen" stuffs them all into one big bird! The newest installment in our Candy Unwrapped series, this fills us in on the most delicious traditions of Valentine's day. Finally, take a sweet ride on the Peeps Fun Bus. Next, we'll head to the oldest rock candy company in the United States, Dryden & Palmer, to find out the science behind growing sugar crystals. Add Image. At Dylan's Candy Bar, you can find out! the Ghiradelli festival, learn the story of Yoo Hoo, plus the Hershey Spa. Bigger is better as host Marc Summers loads up on the biggest popcorn ball of them all, visits Big Bar in Chicago, samples Bonerts three-foot pie, Sayklly's Confectionary for turtle size chocolate snappys amd colossal treats from Cookietree Bakeries. Sink your teeth into Sundrops, get the inside scoop at Bear Naked Granola and learn the secrets of Amy's Frozen Entrees. Finally, find out the secrets of Chai tea. Track Food Unwrapped season 18 episodes. Today on Unwrapped, join host Marc Summers on a trip to the zoo! From Hostess Twinkies to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with stops at Wise Cheez Doodles, popcorn, Moon Pies, Beef Jerky, Fruit Pies, and more. Then get the history behind Kentucky Fried Chicken and Krispy Kreme. Uncover the tasty secrets of 3 Musketeers, find out the facts about a healthy candy sweetened with fruit juice, and check out "hip" Retro Bars. Then visit Cheesehead central, taste the history of Tillamook Cheese, and find out what makes cream cheese cheesy. At Driscoll s we ll learn how to pick a strawberry properly and check out a jam-of-the-month club available online from CMB Sweets. Included FREE with your TV subscription. Then, eat on the go, thanks to Thermos and discover the secret inside Carl's Jr. Marc Summers is focusing on foods that come in roll form like Tootsie Rolls, cinnamon rolls, spring rolls and sushi rolls. The Klondike folks freeze 20,000 pounds of chocolate a day to make their ice cream bars! First up, watch how Ben & Jerrys swirl together their famous funky flavors. Later, Ho-Hos have been around since 1967, and you might be surprised which all-American football city eats the most! Then, we re off to Mozzco where a selfproclaimed cheese whiz shows us how fresh mozzarella is made and we ll meet the chefs at Freschetta, where they re hard at work inventing new frozen pizza flavors. Marc Summers is hitting up vending machines. Go inside the Weber restaurant, find out how BBQ sauce is made in batches, and discover the hidden secret to Heinz 57. S16, Ep1. Meet a kitchen appliance expert, visit with inventor, Ron Popeil, head to a company manufacturing machines for food factories, check out Deco Dan, and more. We'll warm your insides with mashed potatoes, southern biscuits, and the best potpies. Then, Lowrey's Pork Rinds pop up inside your microwave! Host Marc Summers tours the Yoo Hoo factory, checks out some bizarre soda pops, and learns the history of Kool Aid. And find out what a retro appliance collector keeps in her kitchen. Visit to a place "hunting down" a sampling of spices, check out what makes Dentyne Fire 'date friendly', and tour a tea factory with a titillating twist. All this and more on Kiddie Cravings Unwrapped. Things are ripe for the pickin? Get an inside look at meatballs and parmesan cheese, and go behind-the-scenes of Spaghetti-O's. Keep your eyes open as Unwrapped goes late-night! Then, polar bear paws are huge ... especially at See's Candies! Plus, learn the secrets that go into creating cans. Warm up with a visit to the Campbell Chicken Soup factory, and a restaurant serving up only grilled cheese. These and more celebrity food sightings are on this episode of Unwrapped. We start with Palmer's Chocolate Bunnies-did you know that three-quarters of us start by biting off the ears? Unwrapped Episodes I'm Stuffed. Plus, take a peek behind the scenes at Panda Express. Explore the sweet ending to every meal in this one-hour special presentation on desserts. With looks at Blue Diamond's smokehouse almonds, See's Candies, Hawaiian Host macadamia nuts, Larabar trail mix, Paramount Farms pistachio plantation and NECCO's Squirrel Nut Zippers. Should we buy supermarkets' standard or value products. Hit up a diner, or a trendy club serving kiddie classics. Go behind the scenes at NASA to see what their chefs are concocting, check out a "Kitchen of the Future" and hop on the information superhighway with Internet Shopping Carts. Next, check out the history of the Original Hot Dog Shop and see how to build a Big Mac. Finally, find out how catnip becomes available in bubble form! Unwrapped those crunchy onion toppings, and see what goes into French Dressing, the French Chew, and French Bread. Today we've got plenty of sticky stories about the white stuff. Plus, watch Hungry Man puts together the TV dinner - it's a good deal for a full meal. We'll see the secrets behind Wendy's Frosty -- it's been the same drink for 40 years, since when Dave Thomas sold the first one for 35 cents. Find out what a real Root Beer enthusiast has dug up, and see what's on display at the Gourd Museum. Episode Recap Unwrapped on Unwrapped takes viewers behind the scenes of the movie No Reservations. Join host Marc Summers as he discovers the secrets behind a popular flavor - vanilla. Don't miss donut-flavored beer and a store where you design your own funky-flavored donuts. Then, from Gruyère and Swiss to marshmallows and banana, anything goes at the Grilled Cheese Invitational! Then we head to Frito-Lay's True North to see how they create their Almond Clusters. Learn the secret to fitness water, and see how runners fuel up for marathons. Dreadful and check out a water bottle made from corn that biodegrades in just eighty days. Follow the origins from its original prototype to the Queasy-Bake Oven, designed with boys in mind. When there are stockings on the mantel and eggnog in your cup, it must be the holiday season. Relish how taquitos get rolled up and watch the World's Largest Enchilada get built. See how Nestle pushes out millions of Pushups every year. See how Sharper Image's design team is creating inventive kitchenware, get a taste of how flavors are pouring into a spray bottle, and visit a chef creating innovative new dishes. Featuring one Wrigley field's favorites, Tail of the Pup in LA, Tony Packo's Toledo restaurant;a ride in the Weinermobile and Coney Island's secret sauce. Find out which cookie pays tribute to our country, and watch as "Fourth of July" berries are born. Have fun at a 'Canstruction' competition and Spam-fest, then meet a woman with a 'souper' Campbell's collection. Plus, the secret to adding the all-natural sweetener to this Malt-O-Meal's Honey & Oat Blenders cereal is in the spray! A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put shows like Unwrapped, 30 Minute Meals, Everyday Italian, and Emeril Live onto television. See how the pickle people pack 'em by hand! Take a behind the scenes look at the many different ways ice cream get frozen into shapes. All this and much more (how does deep-fried pizza sound!) You can't have birthday cake without plates! Chomp on a chip with a bbq kick, check out the secrets of Curly?s BBQ sauce, and see a Solaire Infrared Grill get put together. Plus, see how Mrs. Smith's is making pumpkin pies, and get a sip of a soda celebrating the holidays. Remember Happy Days at Johnny Rockets, go to the future at Encounter, and find out how Hard Rock started. Marc Summers is opening the bottle on Soda Pop with an inside look at Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer. Plus, watch as marshmallow Peeps transform into bats and ghosts. Next, meet a designer creating one-of-a-kind utensils and discover how Viking makes custom-designed oven ranges. Find out how school menus are made, visit a company that specializes in fun food containers. Marc Summers unwraps our favorite candy bars including the Milky Way, NECCO's Clark Bar crunch, Ghirardelli filled squares, Twix Bars, Vosges Bacon Bars and we find out about all the new trends at the Candy Expo. Food Unwrapped tries to make sense of Brexit the only way it knows how by asking what will happen to the food on our shelves in our fridges and on our plates, and how our supermarkets will look and behave after we leave the EU. Hit the highway, and stop at Rosie's diner, visit one a Route 66 classic truck stops and learn the story behind airline food. Next, fly down to New Orleans for a jazz brunch and learn the secrets of All-Clad Omelets Pans. Take a look at foods that dip and their saucy sidekicks. Stop by a restaurant celebrating turkey day every day, and discover one bird that gets a presidential pardon. Also, see how you can order from your seat. Witness a matzo ball eating contest, find out what gives wasabi its kick, and cool off with a refreshing look at Italian ice. Marc Summers is getting the 'main' story on some savory side dishes. Check out an old-time candy store right in the heart of NYC. Then, check out how Arby's puts the curl in their famous curly fries, and we'll track down a Los Angeles food cart that satisfies grilled cheese cravings all night long! Then discover the secrets behind honey-baked ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, Christmas cookies and Reddi Whip. Dive into the history of RC cola, check out cheese straws, and discover pork rinds. Then, we're off to see the folks at Sara Lee, who say their buns are extra soft and smooth! 0. And save room for dessert-we've got Marie Callender's pies and Reddi-wip. Plus, see how 7-11 was started, bite into a chocolate map, lick a salt palace and visit Pinky's hot dogs in Los Angeles. Next, we look at the making of Dots and Junior Mints. You're invited to join Marc Summers for a look at America's favorite party snacks. Check out Gelazzi for chocolate gelato; Ferrera Pan Candy, Sterling Truffles. Discover just how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, then see how See's Candies creates their legendary square shape pop. 3. Find out why animal crackers are not cookies; the dark secret behind vanilla wafer; jars that are more valuable than the cookies inside; how chocolate chips are made; find out how a company delivers fresh cookies: the surprise inside the fortune cookie. Host Marc Summers gets out the grill and grabs the spatula as we fry up the facts about hamburgers. Cookshack Smokers serves up home-use smokers for backyard cooks, and Sadler's Smokehouse supplies premium smoked meat for barbecue enthusiasts who crave the flavor without the hard work! Twinkies. Then, Chipotle knows how to pack a burrito and Mrs. Cubbison's bakes over 65,000 loaves of fresh bread every day to keep America satisfied with stuffing. Next, discover what all the whoopie is about at Isamax Snacks and see how to put Pie in a Bottle...Weikel Foods does it very carefully. Finally, see how yogurt gets mixed up! Then, watch how Palermo's Pizza makes 150 frozen pizzas every minute! Join host Marc Summers as he explores the test kitchens and the secrets behind lunch box treats, soda pop, movie candy, and more. Take a look at beernuts and an official Chex Mix Day celebration. And check out a special freezer used to make Rita's Italian Ice treat. Then, check out a hot Korean side dish that's a hot hit in America, and find out how Frank's Red Hot Sauce fills up 500 fiery bottles every minute! Plus, what makes an Italian condiment so fiery. Then, discover a retro bakery in the middle of the Big Apple and watch sugar get spun into pieces of art. Next, you can have barbecue anywhere, anytime with Bar-B-Q Fritos. mixers are mixed up, see how whiskey is made into candy and learn the fine art of creating cocktails with a professional mixologist. Go inside the world of America's great love-candy. Kate discovers something surprising about small hens' eggs. Meet a cookie jar collector and visit a Gingerbread Construction Company, Marc Summers takes a bite out of The Big Apple. We all love A&W Root Beer, but you might be surprised by the unusual way the company cleans the bottles. Get ready for a walk on the wild side as host Marc Summers looks at the bizarre side of food. Then, check out how cheese gets shredded and meet Dandy Don and his portable ice cream shop. Track Food Unwrapped season 17 episodes. Food Secrets. Plus, take a look at how the world's largest cookie is created and discover how chocolate chips and fortune cookies come together. Check out Washington's chocolate monuments, see how flag candy is concocted, and discover Dairy Queen's patriotic pops. Featuring Potato of the Month Club; flakes to sticks, ice cream to vodka & even spud fudge; what makes Mr. With visits to The Funnel Cake Company,the Dandy Cotton Candy Company, the Pronto Pup stand,a Caramel Apple Pop, the Minnesota State Fair and Kettle Corn NYC. Join host Marc Summers as he looks at the sweet and creamy facts about ice cream. Go behind-the-scenes of the frozen treats that cool us down, and the wacky grills and hot sauces that heat us up. Then, find out what makes Flathaus Fine Snaps so snappy. Find out how Gumdrops, Powdered donuts, and Sugar cubes are made. 4. Then, Mom's Best Honey Toasted O's costs half that of a brand name box, find out if they make them the same way. Our picks tonight. Watch as key lime pies are cranked out in Key West. And Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream devotes a day to ice cream lovers with samples of their latest, greatest flavors. Check out a "sugary" café and discover the secret behind making toffee. We'll show you some secrets behind both the home-cooked and theater-popped varieties! Stream Unwrapped FREE with Your TV Subscription! Plus, stop by a bakery to sample cupcakes that are keeping celebs happy. Then we'll visit a pastry shop specializing in sweet animal shaped treats. Join us as Marc Summers introduces you to old favorites and new trends. How do you eat a 2-pound bar of chocolate? Get the inside information on theater concessions with a look at a machine that will pop the perfect kernel, chocolate-covered raisins, the world of M&M collectibles, and much more. Go from the Automat, to the new & improved Vending 2000. Visit the Waring factory for a peek at building a blender, scale the World?s Biggest Blizzard and find out who Mrs. We'll see how Spanglers makes millions of candy canes every day while still producing some parts by hand. Join host Marc Summers as we get the buzz on fizzy foods. Then, learn the tricks of the trade behind eating fire and visit a potluck party solely for spicy dishes. Hen's Eggs, Beer Bubbles, Supermarket Burgers, Bacon, Fish Fingers, Calcium, New Zealand Lamb, Potatoes, Smoked Fish, Carb-Restrictive Diets, Homegrown Fruit and Veg, Eels, Ginger Beer, Favourites: Squid and Chips, Kangaroo Meat, Pesto, Favourites: Haagen-Dazs, Vanilla, Edam, Plastic in Seafood, Favourites: Orange Squash, Custard, Marmite, Favourites: Oysters, Dry Gin, Herbal Bedtime Teas, Favorite documentary series about nature, science and history. From frozen custard to picnics with panache, we?re gobbling up all of summer?s best snacks. Tis the season as we join host Marc Summers for a full hour of Holiday Treats Unwrapped. Find out how Grandma is bringing chicken soup to the 21st century and right to your door. First, Millstone gives us the story behind grocery store coffee beans and we check out Shock-A-Lots, chocolates with an extra boost inside. Then, visit a restaurant famous for serving the stars of Hollywood?s golden era and shop for a little bit of everything at the original Farmers Market. ... 1 Series, 6 Episodes. Visit the Nestle test kitchen where they are reinventing the chocolate chip cookie. First up, see how Ian's Natural Foods makes French toast you can eat on-the-go, and Sonic restaurant shares the secret of their Texas Toaster Sandwich. The clock has struck noon, so it's time to reach into the brown bag for a look at sack lunch foods. Of course our "Easter Basket" wouldn't be complete without Peeps-but now the marshmallow favorites have been dipped in another beloved confection! Host Marc Summers dons his oven mitts as we bake up cake stories as fast as we can. Meet a woman who's house is a nut tribute, and explore the Nutcracker Museum. Find out how coffeehouses have (or haven't) changed since the 18th century! Popular subjects include candy, breakfast cereal, snacks, and TV dinners. Next, see why the spice is so nice at the factory where Vienna Beef makes their chili. Today Marc Summers is unwrapping cozy cuisine with visits to Campbell's soup, the Boston Chowda Company, the American Pie Bakery, Manischewitz for matzo ball soup, macaroni and cheese at Amy's Kitchen and Thee's Continental Pastries. The biggest cookie factory? Then, Nestle settles some bets about Baby Ruth, and Five Guys have a fresh take on the old classic: hamburgers. Schwan's puts their mini-corndogs through an acrobatic dance to coat the much-loved snacks. Check out some classic snacks that have developed a new, colorful character. We'll find out how Albanese Confectionery adds that extra kick, then head over to Stauffer's in time to see a stampede of elephants, goats, and camels leaving the factory! Then, Fisher Nuts mixes up a crunchy snack, and find out why Marie Callender's Croutons start out with fresh-baked bread! First, remember Snoballs? Nothing warms your tummy like Chili and check out how Calphalon forms stockpots to cook it up. Finally see how dry ice is created. But do you know what the secret ingredient is? Jimmy Doherty asks what offers better value: growing your own fruit and veg or buying from the supermarket? Rate. Learn the secret ingredient that gives Edwards Pies their crusty advantage, and the unique technique that makes Mrs. Baird's portable pies so popular. And visit a restaurant that specializes in the Fluffer nutter and learn how to make your own marshmallow at home. Watch Nutella get whipped up, discover the secrets behind the spatula spreader and visit the Swiss Colony to see them prepare their Incredible Spreadables. Check out an amazing collection of candy spanning a century. This special edition focuses on the midday meal. Candy Unwrapped: Valentine's Day has all the sweet secrets. Join host Marc Summers as he finds out how Kielbasa gets created, and how Char-Broil got cooking. Travel back to the Medieval Times, pull up a chair at the Trailer Park Lounge. See how one company builds creative cupcakes in an unconventional package! Then, find out how Hot Dog on a Stick got started. Then, visit a unique restaurant! Then, head to Sonoma Valley where you're sure to recognize the name the Ernest and Julio Gallo winery. Then discover the secrets of quick cuisine combo meals from KFC to Chipotle. Unwrapped. Last, we find out what's in a Whopper. Join Marc Summers in the lobby for a few last-minute treats including Dots!, Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Time microwave popcorn, J&J Snack Foods pretzels, Dippin' Dots, Twizzlers and ShoWest preview of the latest movies snack trends. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so today we look at some well-known edibles taking on a different form. We'll also learn about the tiny but important ingredient in most baked goods: yeast. First up, visit Wisconsin Natural Acres bee farm and learn how the bees' wings help turn the nectar into honey! Learn about chocolate history, and see designer cocoa. You'll want to stick around for this episode of Unwrapped where host Marc Summers chews on some facts about gum. Get off to a sweet start with Hostess Donettes, and see how Sunkist Naturals is changing traditional orange juice into a smoothie! Join host, Marc Summers, as he throws a party for the foods we celebrate with. Today on Unwrapped, we fill up on some sensational stuffed foods. Get a taste of Pork Rinds, Cheese Straws, tortilla chips, Pace Salsa, Buffalo wings, Pringles, and twisted pretzels. Today, we're chilling out with a look at frosty foods. Marc Summers takes us around the world of twisted treats featuring Hammond's Candies' new Mike & Ikes, a curled-up cookie called the Pirouline, the American Licorice Company's Super String and Frito Lay spins their classic Cheetos into yummy spirals. First, movie goers are no strangers to frozen snacks, but Dibs are a new way to enjoy ice cream at the theater. And what about containers you can chew? We'll watch how these ideas are marketed, and even discover what those old character give-aways are worth to collectors. These secrets and many more are revealed when Marc Summers goes "backstage" at Paula Deen's Savannah Georgia home, to the sets of Tyler Florence and Sandra Lee, and the ultimate place of mystery - Iron Chef's Kitchen Stadium. Next, find out the secrets of "Hiding Eggs." Plus, discover some rare candy classics from ballgames of yesteryear. Plus order a collection of menus from days gone by. Finally, a three-in-one - the Tur-Duc-Hen. Learn about Bosco chocolate syrup, explore the world of chocolate sprinkles, maraschino cherries, the perfect banana split & the inventor of the "smoosh-in.". From Aunt Jemima to Campbell's, to how Coke collectibles and kids' value-meal toys are developed, and hit up a photo session with Poppin' Fresh. Put it in park and watch as Marc Summers reveals the history of the drive-in. find out the secret behind a historic San Francisco treat called It's It Ice how to get Maine lobster online from the Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company and pay homage to Samuel Adams as we go behind the scenes to a brewery the founding fathers would have loved. Stick around, because Marc Summers is tackling the sticky subject of food on a stick. Host Marc Summers is playing with fire! The network famous for "unwrapping" the secrets of America?s favorite snack foods turns the cameras on itself! Then, sink into luxury with a visit to the Hershey Spa. Plus, check out the making of a chocolate bunny, and meet an artist specializing in Peeps. Later, create your perfect treat at Goofy's Candy Shop and get a rare peek inside Disney's most mysterious restaurant, the members-only Club 33. First, we go to Grandmas, but this isn t your grannys cookie factory! Join host Marc Summers as he explores the test kitchens and the secrets behind lunch box treats, soda pop, movie candy, and more. TV show guide for Food Unwrapped. The team also look at the growing trend for hemp-based food products. See how teeny pellets of gum are made, and visit a place that serves tiny desserts. We ll take you into the test kitchens of DQ where they formulate new Blizzard flavors, show you where you can order unusual ice cream at E-Creamery. We start off at M&M's World followed by a trip to the Lance cracker factory. 175 episodes. See how chocolate is molded into hearts, mixed with champagne, slathered over strawberries and boxed up into the classic Whitman's Sampler, and more. on a special hour-long, batter-dipped, sizzling edition of Unwrapped. Plus, a pickle trip to Vlasic. And meet a woman whose hobby is to create mini's out of clay! 9.30pm Diego Maradona Channel 4; 9pm The Inbetweeners 2 E4; 8pm Father Ted 3. See a sweet modeled after the spectacular spud. Then, see how cereal can be included in every meal. Discover how Wonder Bread gets its special texture, see how bologna is really made, and learn how Deli Express is making sandwiches for on the move. Unwrapped--the show for everyone who's ever worn a pair of wax lips. Host Marc Summers goes nuts about donuts! In this episode of Unwrapped, Marc Summers explores tailgating temptations. Explore how tiki became a part of cocktail culture. Join Marc Summers as he explores the most notable number ones in food. Get ready for a mouthful of marshmallow! From the Pillsbury Doughboy, Toucan Sam, the Hamburglar and the Jolly Green Giant, we'll unwrap the colorful characters used to sell some of our favorite treats. Marc Summers explores the candy of yesteryear. Next, take a bite out of Tony Chachere's, and find out why salt is literally the 'spice of life'. Finally, wash it all down with a swig of a sugary beer made from some sassy roots. Later, what do you get when you stuff a sausage inside a breadstick? Watch how fast food is made! Plus, discover the mysterious process behind the gummi bear, a look at the making of fruit leather & the chocolate covered cherry. Plus, see how this petite tortellini pasta gets stuffed, wrapped, and rolled out at the Armanino factory. 1. Join Marc Summers for a search for the Sweets of Summer Go behind the scenes at the Amusement Park Convention, take a dip with Candied Apples, and see how they make the swirl in giant lollipops. Also, travel to Mrs. Baird's for some of her addictive mini-donuts and visit a donut shop still making Spudnuts. See how Safe-T-Pop's are set up, Blizzards are mixed up, and Baby food gets ground up on a big-scale. Also we visit Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts to see what really was (and wasn't) on the first Thanksgiving table. In this episode of Unwrapped, join host, Marc Summers, as he gathers some sunny tidbits about picnics. A sample of more favourite investigations. Today, we're going back in time with America's first soda pop and the first sliced bread! Join host, Marc Summers, as he opens the fridge to Dairyland Delights. S16, Ep1. In New Orleans see how jambalaya mix is made. Marc Summers chews on the secrets behind bubble gum, from the traditional pink favorite to gumballs. Blue Bunny. Plus, discover how some summertime classics have become collectibles. Channel 4 Mon 14 Dec, 8pm Food Unwrapped's Festive Feast. Finally cool off with a taste of Italian Ice, Frozen Lemonade, and the original Icee. Welcome to the world of wild candy! Time to perk up and stay alert as host Marc Summers unwraps the American obsession called caffeine. Hormel uses an 80-foot cooking tower that breaks through the factory roof to make their world-famous chili.