Maurizio Cattelan est irrévérencieux , j’aime bien l’idée de profiter de ces idées pour ce challenge. So be sure to check them out as well. Getting crafty. “I knew I had a giraffe onesie with ears, and a Christmas sweater with cuffs, so those were my main costume,” she shared. “Bored Panda” says was created by Anneloes Officier, a 31-year-old communication specialist from Amsterdam behind the “Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine” Instagram page. I am amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of these people. The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged people in quarantine. I don’t know where to begin Make a book of all the photos. @GettyMuseum IG: hugotheboston #gettymuseumchallenge #vangogh 04:34 AM - … (Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program). It’s both creative, educational, and humorous. Consider these tips first. And 100 paintings I did in 2018-2019 of updates of Picasso artworks – Thank you SO much for what you have created. What kind of work were you making. I love this! Why not make a Magritte on toast or even a pancake? These recreations are better than I thought. “Bored Panda” says was created by Anneloes Officier, a 31-year-old communication specialist from Amsterdam behind the “Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine” Instagram page. Can I just email the pic somewhere ? Anthony D Padgett – representative of the Artists Union of England, It is a brilliant project and wonderful artworks made by so many people. This is a good exercise for understanding how and why an artist chooses the elements of a successful composition for painting! There is a result. I believe that the problem arises from the lack of transparency, accountability and rigour in the selection of artwork. 3️⃣ Pay attention to lighting: Try to imagine where the light in the artwork is coming from, and orient your composition so a window or lamp is casting similar light onto the scene. I hope to enter more than one Today it kept me off of the streets for hours! I love this challenge and it’s very refreshing…I have enjoyed it and laughed tons with people’s fun sense of humor. The interior with easel was nice and from my perspective I believe it past to present. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users rose to the challenge valiantly, using their self-quarantined inventory to whip together bootleg artwork. Tiffanie Pierini Ho recreated this delightfully macabre Netherlandish portrait (from the Wellesley College collection) with task lighting in her home office. Oil on canvas, 29 1/4 × 37 1/8 in. For her re-creation, she stood on a chair and carefully placed some pins to hold the little picture, moved her dining room furniture out of the way, then perfectly placed an easel with a blank canvas. The AAT and CDWA are so complex that many museums and collection management systems do not use them. I want to see all the funny things that the people come up with. On March 25 th, the museum sent out a Tweet accompanied by an Instagram post challenging people everywhere to recreate some of their favourite artworks while they isolate at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.. It’s one of many ways that people have stayed connected and gotten involved from the safety of their own home. Here’s a beautiful example of thoughtful portrait lighting. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 85.AA.103. It appears that he is standing in front of a mantle and there are either Greek or Roman columns on ether side of the mantel behind him. (our own competition, then share on the Getty site.) This is totally fun and also challenging – both needed in these critical times! I am an art teacher and would like to include this super fun and creative idea as a lesson plan for my elementary students. We don’t undestand how you chose the pics on instagram. Visit our Los Angeles museums and library, interact with art, and access free research tools. We went to high school together. This is what experts say. Choose two of the following paintings and recreate them at home using whatever homemade materials are around. Please note, for the record, it isn’t the first time something similar has been done. Please comment if you’ve been doing this kind of work prior to 2020. He appears to be from the UK. Is there access to ALL of the submissions? Madonna and child. Will share her classes follow-up – when they can meet again! One of these activities was the Getty museum challenge promoted by the J. Paul Getty Museum, which gained popularity worldwide and even after a few months shows no sign of abating. Inspired by @tussenkunstenquarantaine, a Netherlands-based Instagram account credited as the first to come up with the art recreation quarantine challenge, the Getty … Have posted to my daughter who is an art teacher in Alabama. Who needs watercolors and when you have a tomato, pasta, eggs, matches, plants and a paper bag at hand? We have a couple of submissions. ‘Think Abstractly’ paragraph: The piece by Wendy is the Winged Victory of Samothrace, not the Venus of Milo. Then share with your family and friends the way you enjoy best! I love this, and would love to share it with students. thank so much, Amazing challenge ... she has been collecting submissions and posting them on the Instagram account ... the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, the Getty … Twitter user TheBee ingeniously re-engineered “The Scream” with toy cars, boxes of tikka masala, oven mitts, a wooden house figurine, red shoes and some clothes. Oil on panel, 13 7/8 in. While I am delighted to be a trendsetter, and it is true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I think it would be appropriate for you were to acknowledge the body of work I have made in the past! Feel free to use anything and everything, and to get your friends/family (and pets!) Error Available in book form I just read your post. Travel better with news, tips and guides that make you feel like a local wherever you go. From a copyright standpoint, are there any issues with showing via Skype the original artwork along with their creations in a closed Skype meeting? For those reading this comment and wondering about the difference: both are ancient Greek marble sculptures and both are in the Louvre in Paris, but the Venus de Milo has a more demure pose and no arms or wings, while the Winged Victory of Samothrace has a more dynamic pose and wings and was made about 200 B.C. 9 min read, Irises, 1889, Vincent Van Gogh. Browse our online Getty Museum collection and search the keyword field for ideas (for example, “portrait” or “dog”). Her mom’s friend noticed that she looked like the Picasso and sent it to her. What fun!! Do you have a translation to Spanish? Thanks very much for your help. I spent hundreds of hours working on these ‘micro-bead-mosaics and I’d love to share them with the world. It can sort 77,000 images of paintings into historical order based on just 5 formal qualities and without any pre-knowledge of that historical order. I’ve just posted something similar for moderation. Check instagram for some of my 67 paintings I did in 2017 of updates of Van Gogh artworks – also on The challenge has drawn a massive response from around the world. Please help! Take care I was thrilled when you liked the three I’ve posted so far. Isabella from Malnate, Northern Italy. My soon to be published essay on Art, Unions and Artificial Intelligence refers to peer reviewed articles showing how A.I. And 100 paintings I did in 2018-2019 of updates of Picasso artworks – Recreation on Twitter by Qie Zhang, Erik Carlsson, and their daughters with sheet and yellow dress. Ann Zumhagen-Krause got started on this picture-perfect reenactment of a Vermeer masterpiece at the Louvre by scrolling through a Google Image search for paintings of interiors, looking for ones she might have the right objects and lighting and setting to do. Dear Anna, Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work, what an inspiration! #gettymuseumchallenge. Now do a competition for artists that work with found and up-cycled objects to make art. Brilliant ideas!! Artists are struggling at the moment and deserve a bit more recognition ! They turned out great. Sarah Waldorf and Annelisa Stephan | March 30, 2020 | Tracy added that the minimalist vibe of this one room doesn’t apply to the rest of the house. suggested a lot, or other more imaginative ways of getting these brilliant works of ART out to all of At my age I felt quite shy of exhibiting my body as freely as the beauty in Matisse’s painting does. ... Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, blogs, news media, and lots of other e-places besides. Over the past week, the social media handle has been hilariously … What’s more important is the submission from Twitter user Jeff Johnson of a girl posing exactly like the featured halberdier. Girard was really ahead of the times. As a couple, and living in the countryside, we enjoyed a lot to try this first challenge for our family and friends. It appears that he is standing in front of a mantle and there are two very large Grecian or Roman columns on ether side of the mantel behind him. The challenge: Followers must re-create a piece from the Getty archives using only a few things lying around the house. I am doing this for a school proj, nice ideas, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. An expression that simultaneously reeks boredom and disgust? I'm the social media lead for Getty Communications. #museumathome #josephducreuxselfportrait #stayathomechallenge #josephducreuxautoportret #yawning #artselfie #josephducreux, A post shared by Paul Morris (Pollux) (@paulmorrispollux) on Mar 26, 2020 at 8:00pm PDT. View this post on Instagram. You can stick to 3 and see what you come up with, but you’re welcome to use as many as you like. Admin now is thinking of passing the challenge on for fun faculty challenge! No problem. For the Getty Museum challenge, we humbly submit Self Portrait with "Bandaged" Ear - Vincent van HuGogh. Congratulations – so cool and creative! And wow, did you respond! PLEASE create a website that shows many more of the submissions and update it as you receive more entries. Love them, that’s so cool i would love to try it sometime. Are we still allowed to submit them? Such fun. Paul Morris has been going to the Getty Center since it opened, and he’s always loved this self-portrait of artist Joseph Ducreux yawning. Auguri. I painted with my sisters what I see from my Windows. My granddaughter was just fooling around being herself. I can look at these forever. Is the challenge ongoing? Thank you! I have done 2 beaded Van Gogh Guitars – ‘The Starry Night’ , and ‘Irises’ . And that after the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam started following Anneloes on Instagram, the project went viral. “The shape reminded me of a porcelain glass, or mug, and there was the reference to beverages on a tray.” The combo of clock and beverages took his mind to tea time, and from there to chocolate and porcelain. But we created our masterpieces before the quarantine. The Getty put out a call to the people and boy have the people responded. I’d be interested to see – Is that OK, or do I need any type of permission from the Getty Museum or Rijksmuseum? THANK YOU Getty for loving the arts and allowing people to remain active while at home. Or was there a cutoff? And paintings done by computers have been found indistinguishable from the work of professional artists. Make it snackable. Imaginary Insect, Tulip, Spider, and Common Pear in Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta, 1561–1562; illumination added about 1591–1596, Joris Hoefnagel, illuminator, and Georg Bocskay, scribe. You can e-mail us at social @ (no spaces) and we’ll try to get those posted on our Facebook for you. The light coming in the window was good, and we had a blast with it.”. Image: Wikimedia Commons. pubblicali sulla pagina Facebook del Getty Museum con l’hashtag #betweenartandquarantine. Please, don’t get me wrong but it seems like you guys took by error the “Winged Nike” and placed it as the actual “Venus of Milo”. Need to make this viewable by the general public — those who don’t allow their privacy to be datamined and monetized by facebook or instagram. People got creative when the Getty Museum challenged them to create bootleg art at home. Taking a cue from the Met, L.A.’s Getty Museum launched its own challenge on Twitter, ... (the Met has seen a 95 percent increase in engagement on Instagram alone.) One hand is in his pocket and the other is holding his feathered hat, and a saber is partially hidden on his unexposed side. Umm… do i have to use the pictures up there, I’m an ESL teacher ( secondary school from 12 to 18 ) and would love to participate in the challenge with some pupils, is there a deadline? Maybe announce a $10.00 “award” if selected and include Anthony D Padgett – representative of the Artists Union of England The rule technically is three items, but … Re-creation on Twitter by Sandro Alberti with tea and cookies. Getty Museum challenge shows lifee imitating art im the best way and these are the absolute best examples. Enlist a pet. It’s a woman with a black dress laying down and almost falling of a green couch. I love this activity so much! No problem. But we reached a new level of art appreciation this week when the Getty Museum challenged the Internet to browse its online collection and re-create works of art at home. (It’s often way off, but let that be part of the fun.). The interior painting is the complete opposite of me as I have no empty spaces in my house!” Relatable, Tracy. What a great idea for this time. This really rocks I really like the pictures and its very creative and nice. This has to be the silver lining! Phil. Art Museums are a feast for us. The person behind the rescue dog Instagram account of Peggy, Flossie and Norman really outdid themselves with their interpretation on the floor of their house. Some folks in our company decided to do this challenge. a man armed with a halberd, an old-timey, two-handed pole weapon, for the record) who is in Italian artist Jacopo da Pontormo’s portrait looks strikingly similar to Paul Dano, but that’s not the point. This project has differences and is a communal project rather than an individual artwork, nonetheless all the works in it are derivative of the first works. I loves these and have been trying to send some of my own via email but can’t find an email address. Thank you, for allowing us to use are creativity. This is awesome! I’ve tried using Instagram’s collage app, but it still cuts off the images. wow!!!!!!! Please help me relocate an oil painting here that I attempted to download to recreate for the Getty Museum Challenge. Our Art Orientation professor just gave us the Getty Quarantine Challenge as an assignment. The art world has gotten online since the coronavirus pandemic devastated everyday life. 1000 thanks to the Getty Museum for this bright idea ! Thousands and thousands of re-creations later, we’re in awe of your creative powers and sense of humor. Many museums have great online collections with images available to download and use for free: try LACMA, The Met, Cleveland, Indianapolis, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Walters, or the National Gallery. On Wednesday we issued a playful challenge on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to re-create your favorite art using just three objects lying around home. I found the taxonomy (terms used) by the Getty’s Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) and their Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA) (which are presented as an industry standard in museum and gallery collection management systems) involve thousands of terms that are so specific that they are completely unwieldy. And creative, Same time I don’t understand Artist because I am not good at Art class. The Getty isn’t the only account that's promoting this type of creative challenge, but it has become so popular that it's now known as the “Getty Museum Challenge.” The institution, however, got the idea from Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine , a Dutch Instagram whose … “It was truly wonderful to let art be the answer and escape in such a volatile environment,” he added. She’s got the red hat, red pants, same blasé expression. The house was constructed for modern architecture fans J. Irwin and Xenia Simmons Miller, and later donated to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. So be sure to check them out as well. Thanks, Los Angeles-based artist Paul Morris donned a similar red coat and towel to mimic Ducreux’s big mood. If anyone knows who made this picture, please reply me and tell me because I really need to know! “Pasta being life for a 6-year-old, it was first selected, followed by the boiled eggs, which happened to be cooling off to the side,” Christian told us. We did the challenge and our pic has never appeared. The Getty Museum Challenge Is Now a Book Own a timeless selection from the social media phenomenon, with all profits going to charity. Thanks! This building received a grant through the Getty Foundation in 2019 as part of Getty's Keeping It Modern initiative. Thanks very much for your help. Omg the real life is so disgusting in the toilet! Photograph it, then eat it! No household object, or tenant, was spared in the process. Hi Constanza! Thanks Connect us with humans of centuries ago. I think a lot of people in the whole World (Hi from Brazil!!) She loves to dress-up and act; she’s a natural actress.” The final product is perfection. Thank you for this …….. Our extended family just had a ‘haiku’ writing competition. Gilt and patinated bronze; enameled metal; vert Maurin des Alpes marble; white marble, 21 × 25 1/8 × 9 1/4 in. You might even try a reverse image search: upload an image of yourself or your object to Google Search and see what it thinks it looks like. I’ve been posting my and my student’s museum challenge on Instagram @forartssakeclass and tagging you. The Laundress (La Blanchisseuse), 1761, Jean-Baptiste Greuze. If you have a certain unusual item that you think would work well—like the globe Ann described above, Tracy’s easel, or a special outfit, hat, or even a melted clock like Rich—you can start by searching for that, too. How can I take the challenge? I would eagerly participate in that. I am having so much fun with this and will have to send you some of the results! It’s not an original concept so it’s not surprising others have been doing this for some time. I’ve always loved this painting, which is part of the Getty Museum collection. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles announced the launch of an online challenge, in which participants were encouraged to pick their favourite artwork and recreate it … I’d also like to highlight for your records the account brinellarte on Instagram. Recently, the official social media accounts for the J. Paul Getty Museum announced a challenge which took the internet by storm. . Check. I’m sending this on to some of my favorite artists – all of us on stay-home status. BOOK PLEASE. Good luck! Thanks to send me all days the picture who was be product. @GettyMuseum IG: hugotheboston #gettymuseumchallenge #vangogh 04:34 AM - … Thanks for the fun! Does that count? I appreciate you are very busy, it would be wonderful if you could please let me know your thoughts on this. According to The Getty, staff were inspired by a similar challenge issued by The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, as well as an Instagram account called “ Between Art … Please help me relocate an oil painting that I want to recreate for the Getty Museum Challenge. Art Recreation Is the Only Good Instagram Challenge. #betweenartandquarantine #tussenkunstenquarantaine #thecreationofadam #3leggeddog #longdoggo #scruffydog #lurcherart #dogsofinstagram #bestwoof #sighthoundsofinstagram #houndsofinstagram #mutts #rescuedogs #dogsinart #cutedogs #doglife #dogsinquarantine #dogs #doglife #doggosdoingthings #crochetscarf #tripaw #beddywhippet #hairylurcher #dogswithbeards #beards #houndsofinstagram #doggosdoingthings, A post shared by Peggy, Flossie and Norman (@peg.floss.and.norm) on Apr 2, 2020 at 8:01am PDT. “I’m a collector—from the Salvation Army to estate sales to alleys and sidewalks. His upper body is clad in bulky clothing while his pants are tightly fitted almost like dance tights. 1️⃣ Enlist a pet: Get your dogs, cats, bunnies, and even ferrets into the mix. I want play the challenge If you want to unite the two photos—the original and the re-creation—into a single image, you can use photo-editing software like Photoshop (here’s an online tutorial) or use a phone app like PicCollage (an example). “I got my husband involved—he’s as much of an art enthusiast as I am,” she told us. So far, the Los Angeles museum has … These brought a smile to me and shows how even in the most difficult of times the human spirit and creativity rise above it all. The challenge was inspired by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and a brilliant Instagram account called Between Art and Quarantine, but adapted with the invitation to use digitized and downloadable artworks from Getty’s online collection. UNITED STATES – The Getty Museum has issued a playful challenge on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to re-create a favorite work of art using objects lying around home. Keep up the great work and please also value when ideas occur first (even if in slightly different forms). I am extremely happy of this awesome idea to help people share their creativity and keep them sane while in quarantine. I believe I found it in a section called Portrait of a Man, but I cannot relocate it. What a wonderful art exercise it would be for those children at home from school. Are you still accepting entries for this challenge? The Getty Museum, based in Los Angeles created a challenge for art lovers everywhere. That’s brilliant, as often in this kind of situation there is no reply. Girard was really ahead of the times. The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged those who might be bored at home to recreate great works of art from the Getty online collection using three items and/or people at their home.. But people can also learn by fun and it’s an amazing thing, indeed. For a family activity, look for a domestic or dinner scene. “I really love the lighting in the painting and found the placement of the picture on top of the wall very unusual.”. The family’s rendition of “The Laundress” by Jean-Baptiste Greuze landed a spot on the Getty’s blog (however, her son and daughter acting out Paul Cézanne’s “Kiss of the Muse” deserves an honorable mention). The word “genius” gets thrown around a lot in the art world, but Christian Martinez and his daughter Bella deserve the title and then some for their take on an illustration from the 1500s. She says, “my daughter and I are searching for paintings to recreate, and in this case, we really loved the composition. Hello, Im an artist in Austin Texas, I make beaded micro-mosaics using traditional huichol technique. Getty Museum itself somewhat borrowed the idea from an Instagram page called @covidclassics, created by “four roommates who love art … and are indefinitely quarantined”. jk, I like the art I can’t wait to start!!!!!! Instead of a sword, she has some sort of snake cane. If you have questions or suggestions, please post them in the comments below! I wonder whether you’d like to see any of them? Encountering the challenge over breakfast, the family let their imaginations run wild for this brilliant re-creation. The painting is not in Getty’s collection – so we can’t point you to it on our website. That’s amazing. The artist that created this painting was Edouard Manet. Social media, during the months of March and April 2020, witnessed a series of … My wife added the twisty towel for my head and the white dish towel for the cravat, and also took the photo.” And here’s the final result. I’m sure other people have been doing similar before me also. Keep up the great work and please also value when ideas occur first (even if in slightly different forms). I am teaching mini art lessons from home to the students at Fairview South School in Ms. Angie’s room. GED. Re-creation via Facebook DM by Tracy McKaskle with picture, pins, easel, and unpainted canvas, This early 20th-century Scandinavian interior spoke to Tracy McKaskle “because we are all confined to home,” she said. Keep it up! There went half a day. I promise I have a great submission, but I’m not on any of the social media… :-(. Joseph Ducreux’s “Self-Portrait, Yawning” is one of those paintings that you can really relate to at a museum. Once you have done so, take a picture and share them with your teacher! One of these activities was the Getty museum challenge promoted by the J. Paul Getty Museum, which gained popularity worldwide and even after a few months shows no sign of abating. Get your dogs, cats, bunnies, and even ferrets into the mix. Thank you for the inspiration. Love this idea, hope you all like our attempt! Keep them coming, creative geniuses. The Getty Museum challenge, where you have to recreate your favorite work of art with 3 things lying around your home, was inspired by the Tussen Kunst en Quarantaine (Between Art and Quarantine) Instagram account from Amsterdam. Check instagram for some of my 67 paintings I did in 2017 of updates of Van Gogh artworks – also on Kept me busy and time flew by. Im will do monalisa because i had a sudden urge and she is from history and a hard drawing, Je ne sais pas comment faire des photo mes sinon ses genial. Thank you for coming up with a novel and fun idea. Oil on canvas, 59 3/4 × 74 1/2 in. If you can use lists to select the work then you have a means of selecting the work. Its not easy if you’re a perfectionist. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 98.PA.10. I love how all the people used their brains to come out with an idea nobody else has thought of. This pandemic, I’m drinking through the souvenir wine I’ve collected since I was 14, Your quarantine experience, reviewed like a hotel. I got into trouble whilst arranging a major modern landscape production trying to reverse my Jag into position by the lock outside Flatford mill in Suffolk where Constable painted the Haywain. Absolute genius. I have seen several of these on various sites, including Bored Panda, and I am awestruck at the cleverness, as well as model look-a-likes…and also ashamed that I know so few works of art. 544.5k Followers, 596 Following, 2,520 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Getty (@gettymuseum) He has an appearance that brings to mind Prince Harry with pale skin and rosy cheeks. This has been the most-repeated post on my Facebook stream…and not just because I’m an artist. Can I send an image by email please? I have created an image….but I don’t use any social media any more for my mental health. I think it’s a fantastic idea it lets you create something that you would never have done. Grant Wood’s American Gothic seems to capture the current socially distant mood, while Munch’s The Scream is appropriate for all ages and apparently tastes good on toast. Brilliant. Omg. great to see that you replied to Anna. I’m a elementary art teacher and I really, REALLY want to invite my students to do this challenge but fear that some parents may be upset by nudity or other sensitive themes in famous artworks. @Ileana Marco- The halberdier (a.k.a. I’ve been creating video art challenges for all my art students since they closed the NYC public schools, and sending them through dropbox. Your email address will not be published. In this clever re-creation, an ornate time keeper becomes personal tea time. The challenge was inspired by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and a brilliant Instagram account called Between Art and Quarantine, but adapted with the invitation to use digitized and downloadable artworks from Getty’s online collection. It would a great coffee table book to share with friends, a great gift, an uplifting drug free mood enhancer. Unless it is the originality of an already established artist. This is just what what I need after 5 grandmonths in my garden, those drawings are amazings best drawings have never see. Christian Martinez’s 6-year-old daughter Bella has a love of nature that drew her immediately to this page from a Renaissance manuscript. However, the Getty isn't the only art museum doing a challenge like this. Interior with an Easel, Bredgade 25, 1912, Vilhelm Hammershøi. If you’re having trouble re-creating an artwork’s appearance, try focusing on shapes over colors. As editor-in-chief of the Getty Iris and assistant director for digital content strategy you have a brilliant position to be able to do something about this. It feels like a good time to revisit expressionist artist Edvard Munch’s 1893 work “The Scream.” A masterpiece known for its portrayal of anxiety, its star subject shrieks alone in nature, which seems more relatable now than ever as we practice social distancing. 25. Oil on canvas, 31 × 27 3/4 in. Who hasn’t done a big leaning stretch like the one depicted in this 1783 masterpiece? a form to sign for permission. I promoted these kind of comparisons to the museums in Amsterdam in 2018. What makes this Madonna and Child is particularly spectacular is how the featured French bulldog captures the same cherub-like yearning for the Madonna as in the work. This is a schoolteacher in Italy who has been associating her dog with artworks for a while in a very humorous way. Vi posto dunque il link della mia scuola dove troverete tutte le opere realizzate. Great post! Check. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has challenged fans around the world to recreate their favourite famous pieces of art ... the playful challenge has only one ... View this post on Instagram. Some tips for you if you haven't taken on the challenge yet: . The re-creation gets a 10/10. How can I send it to you ? Here is my pictures We have a big jarden, so Can we take an inspireted photo outdoor? Have a nice day. I hope there isn’t a copyright issue. I’m an elementary art teacher and used this challenge as inspiration for an episode of my new TV series, “The Art Teacher in Quarantine.” Here’s the episode: This is so fascinating! I know this has probably been Recreation via Facebook DM by Irena Ochódzka with canister vacuum, Transforming into an ancient harp player with a vacuum cleaner “was the first thing that came to mind when I was looking at your collection,” says Irena Irena Ochódzka, who posed herself into this amazing sculptural recreation. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 90.PA.20. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2018.59. My 12 year old wants to send a photo, but doesn’t have social media. There is no prize or judging, so please create and share whenever you like! No way to view without an account, and that will never happen. Norm (A THREE-LEGGED DOG, BY THE WAY) plays Adam while Floss takes on the role of God, surrounded by toys. I may have to print my own if you don’t., I was sent an Henri Matisse painting (Picture) by my very good friend Moyra Earnshaw from Nairobi. Think abstractly. So, now we have to find new ways to feast on the creative genius of others. With museums closed for now, institutions have launched virtual tours and live streams for us to enjoy while we wait for a return to normalcy. This is cool, I don’t have Twitter, Instagram, or facebook, is there a way i can send you my picture? And of course, you could try a Google Image search for “painting [keyword],” “sculpture [keyword],” or whatever else you like. Thank you! Whether someone else comes up with the idea independently or by influence is significant, but who does something first is most significant. I am her assistant and get to teach a couple of virtual lessons a week. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 71.PA.56. It can determine if artworks are fakes based on brushwork. (The Cézanne is at the Getty; the next three are at the Mauritshuis, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Munch Museum in Oslo, by the way.). This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and have some fun! Created genuine laughs very much needed in day to day life. For some specific how-to’s to do a great re-creation, jump to our tips the bottom of the post. Love this challenge! Right you are.,,,, New Sales Data Trace the First Hundred Years of the British Auction Market, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Now that you’ve found your inspiration, pick the objects you’d like to use. We would love They issued the challenge last week and the response over the weekend has been phenomenal. Male Harp Player of the Early Spedos Type, 2700–2300 B.C., Cycladic. However, if we are to post to hashtags #betweenartandquarantine and #tussenkunstenquarataine, are there any copyright considerations we should be aware of? Thank you! Sono un insegnante d’arte recentemente in pensione. Hi Anna Re-creation on Instagram by Elizabeth Ariza and family in modern-day laundry room. NSFW: The Getty Museum Challenged People To Recreate Famous Works Of Art And The Results Are Pretty Cool. Photo: J. Paul Getty Museum; Instagram Until last month, you probably had neither the time nor the inclination to recreate a Jeff Koons sculpture out of a pile of old socks . Thanks for this creative concept. Pets, children, cans of tuna, toilet paper and bonsai trees are just some of the tools used to make this magic. . Love this idea, here is my attempt attached to this file:///Users/mattl.cashman/Downloads/IMG_0977.JPG. Earlier this year, the Getty Museum challenge took the world by storm. In our opinion, even better. Image: Davis Museum at Wellesley College. Ho fatto questo incarico con i miei studenti. Because of this problem I investigated how artwork is listed in electronic museum management systems and art gallery collections. 4️⃣ Think abstractly: If you’re having trouble re-creating an artwork’s appearance, try focusing on shapes over colors. A recreation of Joseph Ducreux’s “Self-Portrait, Yawning.” This is part of the fun @gettymuseum stay-at-home challenge! This is a challenge were you recreate any painting with items you find around the house! I used this as an assignment in my online Art Appreciation class- it was wonderful! Can’t wait to see. , A post shared by Getty (@gettymuseum) on Mar 31, 2020 at 12:07pm PDT. In the last few days, we’ve been delighted by countless creative interpretations of iconic artworks—both on our feed and across the web. Challenge is to recreate great works of art from the Getty online collection using three items and/or people at their home. “I chose the clock because it already was so over-the-top ornate and yet so intimate and familiar,” Sandro Alberti said. Liza Yukhnyova is one person who decided to participate, and she fell in love with this unique way to honor art while having the chance to express her creativity, too. Is there somewhere we can go to see ALL of the entries? Such creativity can become art.