I’ve gotten numerous questions regarding Bougainvillea Winter Care and wanted to do a post sharing what I’ve learned over the years. We haven’t had rain for a few weeks now so I’ll see what’s happens weather wise and will most likely turn it back on soon. They like a lot of light so it would have to be a strong one. It’s good to know that they bloom on new growth so that’s why I do lighter prunes throughout the season to encourage all that explosion of color which we love. Make sure that you provide optimum drainage when the temperature drops. Depending on the temps, water them deeply every 3-4 weeks. Bougainvillea has flowers that resemble colored tissue paper, hence the nickname Paper Flower. It certainly was an adventure in pruning! Prune only to control growth and eliminate dying areas, otherwise, leave the plant to grow freely. This is how my Bougainvillea Barbara Karst looked right after the freeze. Start fertilizing it too (any fertilizer will do), lightly at first, at about one eighth of the recommend rate, then more as it puts on more growth. Oh, I love to create so you’ll find a bit of that in the mix along with lots of videos too. It’s alive but lookin’ like a sad specimen right now! 01/19/2019. Although bougainvillea is drought tolerant in the ground, potted plants need regular watering. The large Bougainvillea glabra which grew up and over my garage in Santa Barbara would start a major leaf dump every February. These three bracts hide the true flowers inside, which are small, trumpet-shaped flowers in whites and yellows. Note: Occasional application of Epsom salt also helps the bougainvillea plant. In Tucson I water mine once a week, via drip for 1 1/2 hours, in periods of no rain. Trim them a little, after each flowering cycle, to keep their shape in check. Bougainvillea care takes less effort if you select the optimal site. I have 5 bougainvilleas growing at my home here in Tucson. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 1. Nearly Natural Bougainvillea Hanging Basket Artificial Plant, White. Seal the pruned areas with pruning seal to prevent rotting of the area. While growing them in pots, providing drainage holes is necessary. Looking to buy a bougainvillea plant online? Keep a Bougainvillea These plants need at least 5 hours of sun to grow and flower indoors. No matter what zone you live in, you don’t want to fertilize your bougainvilleas in winter. As you can see, I don’t do much at all in the winter time. You can eradicate those pests manually by hands or spraying neem oil solution on the plant to get rid of them. Later, it turns into a mass of dead flowers & leaves which are still hanging on the branches. In winters, when you bring the pot indoors, place it at a spot where it can receive an ample amount of light. Leaves turning purple or red indicate a phosphorous deficiency. Bougainvillea, also referred to as Paper flower is a native of Brazil and belongs to the Nyctaginaceae family.This tropical climber is ideal for hanging baskets and grown in containers where it can cascade its vibrant blooming vines. Bougainvillea is a climbing, flowering vine or shrub native to Brazil. You’ll see my not so attractive Bougainvillea Barbara Karst towards the end of the video towards the end. Bougainvilleas are known to have a nutritional deficiency. Water the plant until liquid drips through the drainage hole, then don’t water again … How to care Bougainvillea plants The Bougainvillea plant care is very easy, even if the plant is growing in a pot. Plant these woody vines in a site with full sun and well-draining soil. To avoid root rot, do not plant them in soil with high levels of peat moss. Give your bougainvillea full sun, with direct sunlight for eight hours or more each day, to ensure... Food and Water. Required fields are marked *. For tropical climates, Bougainvilleas are a boon, as they are going to offer you an all year floral fiesta! were in the high 20’s. At this time of year, cut back on the frequency. Depending on the variety that you’ll choose, they can be easily grown in containers, trellis, as ground covers, and even in tree and bonsai forms! Your email address will not be published. This is my Bougainvillea glabra which grew up & over my garage in Santa Barbara. Its vibrant pink blooms and thick green leaves are bursting out of the included planter and nearly touching the ground, creating a stunning and realistic display. Cut back blooms shorter than the desired length, as Bougainvillea bloom on new growth. As previously mentioned, hanging baskets dry out rapidly in hot weather, so it is essential to use a top quality, water retentive potting mix, such as Searles Platinum Peat 80 Potting Mix each time. Bougainvillea plants are colorful, flowering tropical plants. Once the plant is established, it blooms best if the soil is a little on the dry side. Plant care Add top soil or organic peat moss mixed with composted cow manure to the hole when you plant. 3 get less sun & bloom less than the ones which get 6-7 hours of sun a day. In winter, when they go dormant, watering them once a week is enough. Hi have purchased a plant from local garden centre but are concerned as where to put it in the winter, as at the moment l have it in my conservatory in full sun as here in the U K it will not survive outdoors. It’s part of the cycle where the old foliage sheds to make way for the new spring growth. Place as close to … The 10" basket is the commercial standard, but plants will do much better in 12" hanging baskets. You can add this fertilizer when you give the water to the plant. If your bougainvilleas are young, newly planted to 3-4 years old, you’ll want to water them in long, dry spells. Plants are resting at this time of... 3. Although bougainvillea vines tolerate many types of soil, they prefer loamy soil that contains clay, sand and silt in equal parts. Outdoors, plant bougainvilleas in 5- to 10-gallon clay containers, which tend to stay dryer. Twisted leaves indicate a zinc deficiency. My bougainvilleas look like sticks covered in dead leaves right now. Once the weather warms and they start to take off, that’s a different story. A smaller bougainvillea in a container like this one would be much easier to protect from a night or 2 of freezing temps. Feeding bougainvillea, once in 4 weeks with 5-5-5 or 10-10-10 is enough. Always wear gloves as the majority of them have thorns. Can you put this potted plant under a fluorescent light in the winter months? The leaves will drop off green or yellowish-green to make way for the fresh, spring growth to appear. There are only a few main points to cover regarding winter maintenance. Trim each branch about 6 or 8 inches from the tip. 2. Browse our artificial potted trees, art and wall decor, realistic floral stems/arrangements and more home decor! I basically do nothing in early winter and start to pay a little more attention to them in mid to late winter. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Purple edges on leaves, with brown tips, indicate a potassium deficiency. But you have to know the needs of the plant so that your bougainvillea plant is thriving and is lushly producing abundant blooms for which it is famous for. Even though the day time temps are similar in the 2 locations, the evenings don’t dip as low here. Bougainvillea Artificial Plant (3-Set) With multiple gatherings of pink blooms exploding With multiple gatherings of pink blooms exploding out of the realistic looking foliage, this artificial bougainvillea plant has the allure of a bush, but the convenience of being 20 in. I’ve never protected my bougainvilleas here because they’re fairly large. Hi Paola – Once bougainvilleas are established, they are very tough. What many people think of as the blooms of bougainvillea are not actually blooms at all. For bougainvilleas to thrive, you need to plant them in well-draining soil. The pruning that I do in winter is the big one and sets the structure for how the plant will grow and look later on in the season. I lived 7 blocks from the beach so my bougies received moisture via the maritime layer as well as the winter rains. Continue caring for your bougainvillea plant by watering sparingly, fertilizing every few months, pruning at the end of the season, and training it the climb a nearby wall or trellis. If your plant is young and goes wilting, it indicates calcium deficiency. Bougainvilleas are borderline plants here because of the evening temps can dip down but you see them all over town nonetheless. And, you may not need to water at all depending on how established yours are. Here’s what I’ve done and what I do: Santa Barbara: USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 10A/10B. I’ll watch the forecasted temperatures and will most likely do the pruning in mid-March once the evenings are consistently above 40F. Take care to plant in an area with good drainage. Don't handle the rootball any more than necessary, as the roots are fragile and can easily break. Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. Bougainvillea Care Tips To Grow it in Containers Pot Requirement for Bougainvillea Plant. 9 (13) 10 (13) Bloom Season. These plants are vigorous growers, going bushy and invasive in no time! Any temp above 35F will be fine making sure it gets warmer as spring approaches. To grow bougainvillea, plant it in full sun, slightly acidic and well-drained soil, and a relatively hot and dry climate. Nell. 13 Item(s) ... Good for a Hanging Basket (10) Hardiness Zone. Water a newly planted Bougainvillea plant frequently to keep the soil moist. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Also, do not snip off the tips, as flowers appear on them, and you’ll be causing more harm than good. Leaf droppage is normal in winter. If you want your bougainvillea to thrive in the warmer seasons, there are a few things to know about bougainvillea winter care. Once the Bougainvillea plant is established, it blooms best if the soil is a little on the dry side. Bougainvillea care takes less effort if you select the optimal site. ... Click here to view Bougainvillea plant care information. Bougainvillea Container Care Water a newly planted bougainvillea frequently to keep the soil moist. This is Bougainvillea Gold Rush by the way. At this time of year, cut back on the frequency. That’s about it for bougainvillea winter care. Thank you, Riza – I’ve always lived in temperate climates & grow my bougies outdoors. Bougainvilleas climbing plants come in a vast variety of colors, including purple, pink, orange, and red. If possible, place the plant in a sunny room and start giving it better care, especially more frequent waterings. Search "Close (esc)" View more Free shipping* On Orders Over $200. The climate is much more temperate along the coast of California than here in the high valley desert. Nell. In Tucson I wait until the very end of February into mid-March to do any pruning. I have just aquired a house in Abruzzo, Italy, that is 200 miles south of Rome. It is a holiday home, so will not be there very much in winter. Plant your bougainvillea in flower plant soil mix. Do remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using them. They’re quite scrappy once established and I figure if they’re looking fine and blooming like crazy, why bother. It almost looks dehydrated. Last Updated: November 20, 2018. To ensure that bougainvillea blooms abundantly, strategically put it at a location where it is exposed to the direct… You can vistit us online at www.southlandnurseryonline.com or our two locations I’ve grown bougainvilleas in both Santa Barbara (on the southern Central Coast of California) and Tucson (in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert) so I have care experience to share with you in 2 totally different climates. Re-pot in the spring in a pot that is slightly larger than the previous. Wait until spring or summer if you feel you need to. In warm climates, a bougainvillea plant can be grown as a vine or groundcover, in cool areas it's a great container plant. There are over 250 varieties of this plant, with some known to be very large climbers while others are dwarfs that only grow to a meter in height. $61.42 $ 61. Wait until spring or summer if you feel you need to. Don’t fertilize at this time. This plant loves heat too. If you want to protect yours, be sure to use cloth rather than plastic. Although bougainvillea vines tolerate many types of soil, they prefer loamy soil that contains clay, sand, and silt in equal parts. Place these woody vines in a site with full sun and well-draining soil. Bougainvillea is known for its colorful display of flowers, or bracts. You can prune it … I scratched on the surface of a few branches and there’s green beneath. Nell, […] How To Care For Bougainvillea In Winter […], […] 1. Here’s all that flowering that you want. Continuous pinching of the tips of the new shoots will encourage branching. How To Care For Bougainvillea In Winter […], Your email address will not be published. This plant requires very little pruning. A Bougainvillea Plant needs bright full sun for at least 5-6 hours every day in order to bloom. Bougainvillea requires regular fertilization when they flower. 4. Also, bougainvilleas are semi-deciduous in cooler climates so it’s just part of their cycle. Bougainvillea Care: Growing Tips for this Flowering Machine, Bougainvillea Plant Care: Everything You Need to Know, Bougainvillea Winter Care Tips | Joy Us Garden, Bougainvillea After A Hard Freeze, Part 1, Bougainvillea Secrets: Sharing All I Know About This Colorful Plant. Nell, I am from Minnesota and this will be my first time to grow a bougainvillea. Use any good potting mix that drains well; do not allow bougainvilleas to sit in water. You can read our policies here. Typically, you will see the best display of blooms follow… Lack of light is the main reason why a Bougainvillea Plant doesn’t flower indoors. I’m tickled pink to have you here! If you can deep water younger plants on a regular basis (or by rain) & there are no prolonged freezes, a bougainvillea will be fine. In Santa Barbara I’d do the winter pruning at the end of January into early February. Bougainvilleas put out a lot of growth after a pruning. It got hit by a couple of freeze nights & looks nothing at all like this now. But wait, there is a catch! If your bougainvillea is not blooming, it probably is not receiving enough sun or fertilizer. Last winter we had 1 light freeze so just the ends of the branches on 1 side got hit. Amend it with organic matter to allow nutrients to easily reach the roots. In late December of this year we had 2 nights which were in the high 20’s so right now my bougainvilleas are just skeletons with dead leaves hanging on them. It’s normal at this time of year. Remove all dead, dying or wilted areas from the plant. Still, be careful with aphids, mealybugs, caterpillars, slugs, and snails. Growing bougainvillea in pots is recommended everywhere temperatures drop below 32°F (0°C) during winter. The Size of the Container For Bougainvillea. You have entered an incorrect email address! That's because these hardy vines don't require much water, food or other care. I do protect my fleshy succulents and a few other plants with old sheets and pillow cases. So we have an extreme winter weather temperature in my state. In Conclusion 1. My house has very little sunlight. Indoor Bougainvillea Artificial Plant in Decorative Planter Bring the bright and cheerful appearance Bring the bright and cheerful appearance of this bougainvillea artificial plant to your space. It stops blooming when the weather turns cool because it needs to rest before the show starts again. Bougainvilleas also make good pot or container plants which can be grown either indoors or outdoors. Bougainvillea is not affected by pests that much. And no, the lead photo wasn’t taken in the winter. ». If you grow them in hanging baskets, a 12-inch basket is good. This post may contain affiliate links. It got hit by freeze 2 nights when the temps. Prune the bougainvillea plant to control its growth. When the plants start growing in the pot, start pinch to avoid it becoming a bush. Learn how to plant and care for bougainvillea and discover 8 of the best bougainvilleas to grow in your garden. You could also mound up a 4″ layer of compost around the base to protect the young surface roots. Prune when the evenings have warmed above 40F. Place the containers in full sun, or in a place where they will receive at least 1/2 day of full sun. But, it will again this spring! 4.5 out of 5 stars 20. It is always a good idea to water deeply when the topsoil goes dry, rather than shallow watering them frequently. This is my Bougainvillea Barbara Karst last year in April. Indoor pots can be smaller. Bougainvillea likes a lot of water when it is first planted, but once established, it does better with soil a little on the dry side. When planting your bougainvillea it’s important to keep the soil at … To all my fellow bougainvillea fans, I hope this has helped you out! 3. Everbloomer (9) Intermittent (4) My Cart. I have composted a few of them in late fall but not on a regular basis at all. Just be sure to spread it out once the weather warms. This tropical perennial gained its nickname, "paper flower," for its delicate bracts that come in a variety of colors, including purple, red and orange. Here are some essential Bougainvillea Care Tips that’ll help you to grow them in the best possible way! Although I don’t like the way they look & it’s very tempting to prune them now, I’ll wait. Use soluble fertilizer for plants engaged in the container. Once the weather warms, the bougainvilleas really take off! Using fertilizers too frequently can inhibit blossoming. Hi Billie – I’m not sure as I’ve never overwintered a bougie indoors. Amend it with organic matter to allow nutrients to easily reach the roots. Too much water can lead to root rot or too much green growth and not as much flowering in the spring. Always dilute the fertilizer to half its strength before use. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Prune the bougainvillea as the fall temperatures begin to dip below 50 degrees, or whenever the leaves and final blooms begin to fall from the plant. You can also use a balanced fertilizer like 20-20-20. Even though they look dead, they aren’t. Plants are resting at this time of year. This show-stopping beauty produces constant blooms that inspire garden envy. Note: Keep bougainvillea on a slightly drier side for abundant blooms. The showy bracts are typically found on new growth, with the biggest display following their winter dormancy. If you have bougainvillea in pots, relocate them indoors before the first frost. Hi Pat – You can keep it in the conservatory if it gets enough light. To ensure that bougainvillea blooms abundantly, strategically put it at a location where it is exposed to the direct sunlight for at least 5-6 hours or more in a day. Water your bougainvillea to saturation, then let the first inch or so of soil dry out before watering again. So, if yours gets morning sun only, it won’t grow as fast or bloom as much. Indoor 20 in. Shop Silk Plant Warehouse from your own home! Bougainvillea plant care. The showy paper-like structures are a modified leaf called a bract. Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! And, back way off on the watering in the winter months. Though it seems like it would be difficult to care for, growing bougainvillea is actually very easy in the right conditions. Regular bougainvillea care involves trimming after each bloom cycle and then fertilizing to promote new growth and new flowers. Both are essential to bougainvillea plant care. They’ll eventually drop off. 1. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a6787c4cd260bd95817bc12bf1d50981" );document.getElementById("cc7f41b5d4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi, I’m Nell, and this is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. Must read our informative article on the BEST... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, 8 Secret Bougainvillea Care Tips | How to Care for Bougainvillea Plant, Check out our article on bougainvillea uses in the garden, Growing Ash Gourd Guide | How to Grow Ash Gourd, Growing Gerbera Daisy From Cuttings | How to Grow Gerbera Daisy, 20 Unique Indoor Plants in Hanging Baskets Ideas, 16 Indoor Plants for North Facing Windows, 5 Best Bird of Paradise Types You Can Grow Indoors, Best Indoor Plants According to Different Light Conditions. This is where most of the action comes in. Take care planting or replanting a bougainvillea. In Santa Barbara I didn’t supplementally water mine at all. I’ve prune all of my bougainvilleas in different ways depending on the form and shape I want them to take. 42 $79.98 $79.98. Pale green leaves indicate nitrogen deficiency. Look out for: If you notice such signs, buy a supplement. You can compost because that works in slowly and will do its magic in spring. And, you may not need to water at... 2. The plants can be cut back to 12 inches in the spring and fall and encouraged to make new growth. For an extravaganza of color 8 months out of year, I think it’s hard to compete with bougainvillea. If my bougies were younger or smaller plants, I’d give it a go. Keep your plant evenly moist during the spring, summer, and fall months, and nearly dry in winter (bougainvillea blooms better with drier winter conditions). I have you covered with lots of other posts on bougainvilleas so be sure to check them out here! You’ll have to bring them in a well-lit place where it doesn’t freeze over winter. I did lots of raking and sweeping when that happened! With the return of longer days in March, it’s time to wake your bougainvillea up. Why Is My Bougainvillea Dropping Lots Of Yellow Leaves, You can find more houseplant info in my simple and easy to digest houseplant care guide: Keep Your Houseplants Alive. Product Care All Log in Search Cart. tall. How to Care for a Bougainvillea in a Pot Let There Be Light. Bougainvillea is an incredible addition to any landscape. Water according to your climate. Bougainvilleas usually turn in sticks or “semi-sticks” at this time and that isn’t very enticing at all. Because much of the problem with bougainvillea blooming is at the fault of the gardener, the University of Florida IFAS Extension encourages bougainvillea owners to error on the side neglecting the plant rather than fussing over it. Should I be able to keep it indoors during winter time and what would be the best temperature to keep them out during the harsh weather. The flower is unremarkable compared to the brightly colored, paper-like bracts that surround the flower. Also, high light. Don’t fertilize at this time. © 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, « Winter Houseplant Care: Key Points for Keeping Your Indoor Plants Alive, What Causes Christmas Cactus (Thanksgiving, Holiday) Leaves To Turn Orange? If you live in regions with freezing winters, the plant should not have wet feet, as it will cause root rot within no time. I love this plant. Is it worth me trying to grow a Bouganvillia? I have never fertilized a bougainvillea in all the years I’ve been growing and caring for them. Bougainvilleas are pretty drought tolerant and don’t ask for frequent waterings. Water according to your climate. Want to grow indoor plants, but do you know how much light direct or indirect required? Pruning force out new growth and you don’t want that to get hit by another freeze. Currently my drip is off & has been off for 3 weeks. My bougainvilleas there were very well established. A better option is to "plant" the potted bougainvillea plant in the landscape so the root system will be inhibited. Bougainvillea is a tropical vine that blooms almost throughout the year making a light show.