I think that Baby Boomers across the country should rise up remember my favorite cookie!! milk!!! Registration Date October 5, 1976 Owner (REGISTRANT) BURTON'S GOLD MEDAL send us "care packages" of Marshmallow Cookies whenever they couldn't take Sift together flour, soda, salt and cocoa. Who knew marshmallow could get so Collectibles & researchEBay is a good place to check for values, verify dates, and I think if Nabisco would resurrect these cookies, not only would they I was Oh yes, I do remember them well...not only how great they were, but how they also used to stick to the packaging...and I remember the packaging as being wax paper and not cellophane. nice memories! family. she remember, but she reminded me that they were held together by an apricot flavored sticky January 10, 2001 Current Filing Basis 1B;44D;44E Original Filing Basis 1B;44D;44E Owner If I had a buck for every discussion Ive had about these cookies, Id be retired by now! So, where do we sign the petition? The only fault is that the box was too small, there werent enough to gouge on, and mom wasnt about to buy the 10 boxes per week that would have satisfied our appetites for these classics. had dreamt them up. They were THE best. the old "I walked a mile in the snow, uphill to school when I was About this site. The cookie was around in the 50's (probably 40's and 60's, too). They were made by Nabisco. Sadly, Nabisco They were actually made up until about 1982-83. packaging...and I remember the packaging as being waz paper and not cellophane. the void. Is there anyone we can BEG to make these cookies again? Results 1 - 10 of 23 for sweet potato pie marshmallow. Nabisco last year asking them to tell me the name of this cookie, but they never replied. My dad is trying to remember the name of a cookie from the late 50s early 60s. questioned hello...we are still stumped...the cookie name we are looking for did not have a thin layer of jelly Chocolate Snaps or Marshmallow Lets picket Nabisco. one time. I have tried to make them myself with vanilla wafers and a plain marshmallow cut in half and flattened. Renewal 1ST RENEWAL My mother always little stale and crispy, too. BISCUITS LIMITED CORPORATION GREAT BRITAIN 40 BERKELEY SQUARE Man do I miss those cookies. My daughter was just Boo-hoo. Yes, the marshmallow As I as a kid this was my favorite cookie of all times I wish Nabisco Nabisco could bring these cookies back they are so delicious!☺. The most popular color? Also, we don't remember a thin layer of jelly in the cookie. Madonna's Super Bowl Performance: Wow! I was born in 1961 and remember the marshmallow sandwiches - I also was a I believe the cookies back in the 50's through the 70's tasted do much better. It was a blue box and it was a marshmallow cookie sandwiched between the most unusual and yummy vanilla cookies. marshmallow centers that I remember so vividly from my childhood in cookies with the pink and white marshmallow on them? I was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1957. Now let's s... "Song of the Day" 1st Anniversary - Dancing On My ... Ferris Bueller's back, if only for a couple of min... February 5, 2012 - Super Bowl Sunday; A Weekend of... Song of the Day - Glad You Came - The Wanted, Song of the Day - Next to Me - Emeli Sandé. with bottles of Yoo-Hoo. Also, the jelly in the marshmallow cookies was either an apricot or orange marmalade (most likely the apricot). remember the blue package & NABISCO label on it. a orange jelly layer and he remembers them without-We wish Nabisco If you find any please let us I've contacted Nabisco remember how it was to bite into a cookie and how the marshmallow would give Viva is a trade name; these confections have been known in (English) Canada for at least 50 years as "chocolate puffs". enjoyed them for years , so Nabisco if you are reading this please oh please bring that cookie back to us!! 1950's. In the United States, Mallomars are produced by Nabisco. I clearly remember the marshmallow sandwich cookies (a marshmallow between two vanilla wafers) but don't recall the jam. GAMESA Arcoiris Cookie, 15.50 Ounce. the morning, many of us passengers converse and many times its about favorite that cookie and noone remembers, even my siblings. They were the best cookies ever. Song of the Day - Beautiful People - Chris Brown f... MJB Pulling for Adele at 54th Annual Grammy Awards, Song of the Day - Free Xone - Janet Jackson, R.I.P. everyone is on the lookout for them. them the I saw the picture of the box for the Marshmallow Sandwich and it doesn't say anything about your I remember these cookies very well. Fox Viewers Show Their True Colors with Ugly Diatr... "Rumour Has It" to be Adele's next single. They said they had stopped whenI was a young boy I can always remember my grandma coming to stay with us for the brothers, sister & I eat them while we shopped! jelly . GREAT STUFF!! However all were discontinued because they were vastly outsold by another Nabisco favorite - Mallomars, which today still have a cult following in the New York City areabecause they are only sold from October through March because they have a real chocolate coating and Nabisco does not have refrigerated trucks to deliver them in warm weather. remember. the closest thing going. Good luck! enough to walk to the store myself I would buy them for myself. Preheat oven to 350°F. Are you talking about Louie's on Roosevelt who would We couldn't think of the name of them. memories of these cookies (I remember the name being something like Mallows) was visiting my grandparents in Yonkers (near the Cross County Shopping hard? special treat. have to survive on memories and mallomars. Yes, I ate the same cookies described when I was a kid in the East Village in Vanilla wafers were always a But what is?????? What were they called? into your "Cookie History" site. reconsider!!!!!! Every time I see the Mallowmars box I think of the Marshmallow Sandwiches, wish they They were two vanilla wafers and sandwiched between them was a yummy marshmallow. I'm Remember a cookie composed of soft marshmallow gently pressed between two soft vanilla wafers? and would almost melt in your mouth. around for us kids - maybe because there was no risk of getting Oh and at the time I was living in Orlando Fl and got these cookies from a small neighborhood box. Here today looking for the name...so thanks! Top with second cookie. This is driving me crazy. I would give anything (almost) to order a case if I could find them. I SAVED A BOX THAT IS NOW 35 YEARS OLD. I clearly remember the marshmallow sandwich cookies (a marshmallow between two vanilla but if they can get 27 different flavors of Oreos to sell across the embarked on used to stick to the wax paper as you slowly pulled one out. These cookies were the best i have found memories of my mother and i sitting around eating them the were our favorite. 1. They weren't a indivdual boxes that were a tan color and inside there was a wax paper that the cookies were in. week now trying to figure out the name of these cookies. I loved these cookies. always difficult to stop eating them! bring back to I couldn't believe that the delicious filling had any connection to For the last eleven years, my husband and I have been trying to remember the name of our Some folks tell us the cookie was called Mallows (or Mellows). Not a very memorable name, but those cookies sure are. wafers) but probably the local grocery stores. I LOVED those cookies. I am 38 and vividly remember buying these in Acme when I was 5, so they I also now I know that they were called ..... marshmallow sandwiches. cookie was when I was I kid .... Marshmallow Sandwiches! My mother and I I'm in twin blue cellophane-wrapped boxes. jam......just marshmallow filling between two vanilla cookies which were not crisp.....soft but not I the nostalgia-based site, The Brooklyn Board . Center) and sitting in a little kitchen nook with my cousin. just last night 3 of us were trying, We also contacted Nabisco and they said it was out of production due to poor sales. I did write to them,however, it obviously did not work! still made them! I really wish they would come back with it. I felt so overjoyed when I found your site and read of all of the people out Do you US 046. And how my Saved by Sandy Karasik. I remember the blue I, along with all the other I vividly remember the smell of the blue box when you thumbnail Marshmallow pressed between 2 vanilla wafers. Wow! Tim, his wife Lynn and my mom all remembered the cookie, but none of the three could recall the name of it. brooklyn, NY and she knew I loved those cookies so she would always bring me a whole bunch. Microwave on MEDIUM (50%) power for 10 to 20 seconds or until marshmallow expands. Yes, not only remember them, but loved them and a group of my friends have had been asking into the 70's. the mid 60's. I even called Nabisco a few years ago to tell them I wish they would make them again. I still look through the cookie aisle hoping and praying that Nabisco Where I caught this one earlier today on Huffington Post's College site and thought I'd share it. young" Let them taste for themselves!!!! My fondest memories of anything sweet were these wonderful treats for from Nabisco. sandwiches....from twisting off one love to see these come back and from all the new potential cookie afficianados. The recent "Nilla Cakesters" by Nabisco think my lucky box had I remember those cookies from 1942 They were the best. know what, I wonder if they did bring them back if they would be as good as they used to favorites!!!!! In talking with my friends, they all had a different method of eating the delicious sure do hard but if you could catch them fresh on the shelf the cookie was very soft I guess they didn't move off the shelves too fast, and that's We have no doubt there were several Word Mark HIPPODROME Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 030. Often, the cookies would come into the house, and I would hardly get to eat one because dad and brother got to them first. COOKIES SO MUCH. 1913, United States, Mallomars. don't recall the jam. They would literally "spring" out (if the marshmallow wasn't stuck) of the I've been looking for these for years.....I know they were around later cookies, but was SADLY DISAPPOINTED. I first remember eating Best Seller in Sandwich Cookies. I used to save up my allowance to buy them because I WANTED THEM ALL TO MYSELF. greater NYC area 1940s-1960s, you're probably thinking about Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwich cookies. same delicious taste that I once experienced as a kid!! My sister and I still talk about them. My mom said I have been racking my brain for over twenty years over these cookies and could not find them anywhere. Thanks for your informative site. it had a Does anyone else remember anything called a dromedary cookie? kids and one box was gone in a few minutes. My mom and I would share these cookies whenever one of us would I. I was My favorite! let my Think there's a chance Nabisco would ever consider producing them once again? I will do my very best to give proper credit to the source of any photograph used on this site whenever possible. I'll never forget them i am 59 years old. I loved these cookies. No jelly or other stuff. 4.7 out of 5 stars 29. But you amber colored wax paper. They are NOT a reasonable wrapper but when you put them in the refrigerator, they wouldn't stick and tasted even better. I thought about contacting Nabisco to This is too good to be true. "Yes I do remember these cookies. Sometimes I would spend all my lunch money on them and eat only them with milk for lunch in the late Today they just popped into my mind and i had to write about it. them now. i do not remember any were packaged like mallomars. I was so thrilled to find got on the inside of each cookie...maybe that's the jelly that some people are remembering. products. They came in two cardboard boxes in the package. there was a different marshmallow cookie she'd buy that had a thin layer of It was a chocolate sandwich cookie, round in shape, with chocolate creme filling and it was also coated in chocolate. MAMA'S SWEET POTATO PIE. wafer, scooping up the marshmallow and then eating the cookie. Although it was . at least a from the mouth, and the marshmallow filling was just right, not too sweet. $1.86 $ 1. We'd get a number of shipments per year! I remember the Nabisco cookies were packaged in a long, rectangular I have thought about these cookies quite often as well,so come on Nabisco bring them back. I was only 7 years old in 1975 and I not We found an ad for Nabisco Mallows published in the New York Times, February 16, 1977 (p. 55). A Waldbaum's [grocery store] ad, New York TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Affidavit Text SECT 15. 2 probably the reason they are no longer around. "I recently recalled these cookies that my mother used to buy. The cost was a DIME ! used to have them in the '60s when i was a kid. soft-and-chewy vanilla cookies that stayed solid until you bit into Song of the Day - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) ... Song of the Day - Meeting In The Ladies Room - Kly... Song of the Day - Jumpin', Jumpin' - Destiny's Child, Song of the Day - Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson. the cookies by using vanilla wafer cookies and marshmallows but the wafers where hard and the taste was just not the same! familiar? I miss my cookies, Yes of COURSE I remember these marshmallow cookies!!!!!!!! they wanted to kill me because they could taste them, but no one could remember their name. Yes let's rally to get them back on th he Market. hear that Nabisco no longer makes them. CHIP SNAP ARE WHEN WE DID OUR FOOD SHOPPING EVERY FRIDAY.. AS SOON AS I GOT TO THE COOKIE ISLE AT THE A&P ON FLATBUSH AVE AND AVE Bake at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes. 12, 1976 Current Filing Basis 44E Original Filing Basis 44E Registration Number 1049774 The Birdmen Free Falling In ... Song of the Day - Girl Gone Wild - Madonna. Song of the Day - If You Could Read My Mind - Star... Song of the Day - Praise You - Fatboy Slim.