I'll show him now! Thanks again for wonderful advice!Even though J and I agreed on no gifts for VDay he ordered flowers from the quaint little shop in town, in business for years. I've never had one do that well! We have a new/old house with no flower beds and morning sun. Mine now has 2 roses growing on it, and I may have to transplant it to a bigger pot once they are done. The 'miniature' designation refers to the flowers ... the plants themselves vary in size. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. About | Privacy Policy | Disclosures | Contact. I still want to add some Roses to my garden this spring. My friends worked there when we were in high school. I followed your advice and of the three, one has survived in my garden. My boyfriend got me one of those plants, and it already came utterly invested with spidermites (thanks boy..sigh)...trying to win a battle with them, and then maybe I'll seperate them. Girl, you will be a Master Gardener yet. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Auch Balkone oder Terrassen lassen sich mit Patiorosen toll aufwerten. Fingers crossed…and yellow, huh? I will give it a try also and hope they make it. They are highly dwarfed and unatural compared to wild true roses. Caring for mini roses indoors is similar to caring for full-size roses outdoors, only with less work. Honestly, I think the coffee grounds have kept it alive and happy, as roses love coffee and banana peels. I am shocked. From shop ErikordSupplies. I can't believe it!! I am still very new to gardening and last year I bought a bunch of the grocery store mini roses for $3.00 a pot. It's not me, it's the plant!! Any survivors will be planted in the garden come springtime. I only once planted one outside and it did well for a season. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an mini roses an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für künstliche blumen zu finden. From shop bigworld19. At least it's a bargain! I hope it comes up, too, Angela. We have a friend down here in the Rose Society that will buy these and plant them outside in a concrete pot and she names them the name of the Supermarket or Big Box Store. Really great post. If you own an eCommerce website that deals in groceries, this grocery template will be a perfect fit. Wonderful Article!!! Startseite » Rosen » Mini- und Patiorosen. I'm cautiously optimistic! I don't have a green thumb so I passed but came home with a dozen cut roses! There are pansies in the markets, but they'd never actually make it outside yet. I always get a few flowering rose plants at Easter so I will know how to transplant them. That’s a long time for those poor little suckers to have to hang on with a bad gardener at the helm! There are also the newer Mini-flora roses, which have a larger bloom size and are a bigger plant than the minis. Lilies. Then they are very hardy and do survive my Colorado winters. Everything you said makes sense and it supports what my flower lady said...don't mess with them when they're blooming and then put them in a big pot. Grocery Store template has a stunning design and packs in a plethora of features & functionalities. xx oo :-). Fresh Centerpieces. Multiple cuttings per pot makes a really nice looking display in the store, but it's not geared for the long-term survival of the roses themselves. I take care of my house plants in the same way and it never turns out well. With these hints and the big sunny kitchen window I have now, I think I'll try them again. Connie...Great Grocery Store Rose Class 101. That's great information! So far, success!! Spam and trolls are not! I already watered them as they were dry, but any extra advice and help would be appreciated. His cat died in the fire :(J stopped by yesterday as he passing through town and saw Mr Beck's car there along with other patrons stopping to say how sorry they are. www.HartwoodRoses.com, Greyhounds ROCK Fredericksburg is a non-profit charity dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support Canine Cancer Research, to honor the dogs that are or have been affected by this disease, and to offer encouragement and education to the people who love them. Ha! I’m really going to give it the old college try this time. Miniature roses are sold in grocery stores, florists, big box stores, garden centers and nurseries, and even here in Santa Barbara at our farmers market. Great article and tips! Love and hugs! How To Care For Grocery Store Mini Roses Step 1: Leave them in the container they came home in until they are done blooming. When I walked through the grocery store Monday, it was filled with hyacinths, tulips, orchids, roses....Ahhhhh!!!! This was a great post Kim. Your bulb garden sounds lovely. Happy Friday.Hugs.Kris. Just don't upset the apple cart until the flowers are done. Posted by 5 hours ago. When I noticed several months later that part of it was dying, I saw that there were different plants! I put them outside at my in-laws when I realized they were getting sad. Since then I seem to buy them too far away from the right time to plant…plus I don’t have to tell you, the past few winters haven’t ended until like May! Check out our mini roses and leave selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. , It is wonderful to get such encouraging advice from the plant lady at the store! Right there with you, Mary! You were right. Here they are, ready to go outside to the greenhouse with the rest of my baby roses. Customers also bought ref-tags-container-link ref-tags-container-link ref-tags-container-link ref-tags-container-link ref-tags-container-link ref-tags-container-link ref-tags-container-link 1-24 of over 2,000 results for Grocery & Gourmet Food: Fresh Flowers & Live Indoor Plants. I'm 'rooting' for you and hope it all works out this year :). If I get plants from the store or wherever, if they are big (older) to begin with I am doing all right, but if they are just little things, they don't seem to want to grow bigger (or better) under my care. However, now I know that I can transplant them outside and keep them alive, I may have to buy a few! Here in South Africa we have a really well known rose guru called Ludwig. I'm pretty determined this time. How to Prepare Mini Roses for Winter. It's been a tough road, but I'm forging forward. If I try and take care of them I kill them, so I pretty much ignore the ones that were planted at this house when we bought it and so far so good. Looking forward to seeing them once they are blooming again! I've got a couple of these purchased over the years. I'll have to keep your coffee grounds tip handy too, I bet it makes the house smell great. The mere fact that I’m talking about gardening is making me smile! It's still super cold here. I have one…count ‘em, one…houseplant that has lived longer than a year. Thanks Jan! Anyway, wishing you the best with your rose, I'm rooting for you girl :) (Pun intended, haha!). LOL. I will remember this when I want to transplant mine in the garden. You've inspired me though, so I’m trying. I always feel terrible, too, Benita. Indoors, the plant will typically be less prone to pests, and you won’t have to worry about weather damage. Oh I love these adorable roses I planted one outdoors last year...let's see if it comes up this year. You can see glorious colors of roses all named with major retailers names! Sadly it was just bought out by a huge chain store. 66 likes. Although I do not profess to being any type of expert on miniature roses, I find the pretense of having "toss away" roses obscene. Good luck on your rose care and hopefully they will be planted and blooming outside in no time. Comments are welcome and very much appreciated. Now I know it wasn't all my fault! So, if Mother Nature doesn’t provide rain, your mini-rose needs more frequent watering. Here's a fact that is not so secret ... roses, even miniature roses, are meant to be outdoor plants. If you want to display them in something other than their plastic pot, drop it inside a larger planter. But they don't like me. I can usually get them to survive till Spring and they've been surprisingly hardy in my (now) Zone 6A climate. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon. They are very pretty but seemed to be a lot of work if you want to keep it looking pretty....lots of little blossoms to keep cleaned up. Tree roses also are great for containers, and those mini roses from the grocery store or from any garden shop are an excellent choice, too. I received one of those potted miniatures as a gift. Hope you had a good V-day!♥. old items that could be used for planting. Such a sweet guy is the owner :) His cat is always on the front desk to greet customers!On Monday night, as we watched the news, we saw there was a fire at Beck's! There are climbers, trailers, microminiatures (6 to 12 inches tall). Thank you for the tips on keeping them alive. That is what some people have called them here on the mini rose forum. See product details. See more ideas about Mini roses, Rose care, Planting roses. xo xo xo, Great tip, Diana, I just added that to the post. I hope that the advice I got works out well....for both of us...me and the plants. Generally, plan to fertilize a third as much, twice as often. I tipped the plant out of the pot, and I carefully ripped the rootball apart ... mindful to keep as much root mass as possible with each plant. A lady who works with me received on as a gift and has it growing on her desk in the office. It’s a hearty ivy (that I bought as a large plant) and honestly I have no idea how it stays alive. If it were me, I would plant them 3 feet apart and see what happens as they mature. Excellent advice. See more of Roses Mini Market on Facebook Miniature roses (Rosa chinensis “Minima”) produce diminutive, fully formed roses on small bushes. I knew being old was better! New; Used; Sponsored Fake Flowers for Crafts 144 pcs 2 cm Mini Wreaths Foam Rose Artificial Flower Bouquet Multicolor Rose Flower Wedding Scrapbooking Decoration Rose Fake Flower (Burgundy) 4.3 out of 5 stars 273. They can be useful additions to a rose garden and help to fill the place of minatures, which are harder for me to find now that NorEast is history. Boo. The others are probably greenhouse grown and not really meant for life in the great outdoors. Your tips will help her tremendously! I would have never thought to transplant them. More. One thing he told me many years ago was to always plant roses in a bigger pot that they can live in for the rest of their rosy little lives ;-) Roses don't like having their roots disturbed and it helps them manage heat stress much better. I haven't had much success with store bought minis I'm afraid. I'm off to Google them right now! An adorable little cottage out of a fairy tale.We have used Beck's as our florist since moving here. Your weather sounds dreamy, Amalia! These little guys are greenhouse grown, in ideal conditions to produce concentrated growth. Their roots don't get pot burned. I like roses of all kinds, mini roses included. I was like you and when they looked dead in the garbage they went. And thanks for the faith. Adding some festive touches in The Humble Bungalow. Die Rosen in Miniaturformat besitzen viele kleine und zierliche Blüten, mit langen Blütenzeiten. If the variety name is on the tag, google that and see what you can find about plant size. The two babies that went to the greenhouse did fine. It bloomed all winter long. Grocery & Gourmet Food; Fresh Flowers & Live Indoor Plants See All 19 Departments ... Der Rose 3 Pack Mini Potted Fake Plants Artificial Plastic Eucalyptus Plants for Home Office Desk Room Decoration. What great info! Working in a dishpan in my kitchen sink, here's what I did with my pot of miniature roses. Not now, not ever! Recognizing Uncommon Beauty In The Everyday, I love mini roses and have used them in the past in window boxes, too. Judy, I am the worst!! Roses. They're so pretty, Deanna and those teeny flowers always make me smile. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new. I don't have a greenhouse but I think if I ever get another as a gift, your advice may just help me keep them alive until I can put them in the garden. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The display gardens here contain over 800 different varieties of roses … with emphasis on rare and historic varieties, and popular classics that are well-suited for modern gardens. It also can help to give your roses a thorough shower with your sink sprayer once a week while they are indoors. I got these two mini rose bushes from my grocery store for 50 cents. Online food shopping is easy at Tesco. Other options New and used from $20.99. Thanks Cheri, believe it or not they are beginning to bloom again! I keep it indoors, as it would never survive here through our winters. Learn how to care for them, step by step, and keep them blooming inside … Warnings and Disclaimer. Decorate With Charm and Elegance This Christmas! I'm sorry to hear that you're sore, but a bit envious of your ability to be outside. Climbers: Minis roses with a vertical, rambling growth habit can be trained to grow against supports. I love any roses, regular and mini. Planted some gerber daisies today and transplanted some hostas (which is terribly difficult in my opinion!) :). How can this be, you ask? 99. When I noticed several months later that part of it was dying, I saw that there were different plants! However, last year my husband bought me a Parade Mini Rose and it literally has had a bloom on it ever since, no kidding! LOL~Des. Thank you so much for these great tips, Connie! Regardless of which type of miniature rose you have, the pruning is done the … (click to learn more), 1796 Federal in Charleston, SC – $2,995,000, BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS CARD BOXES FULL OF PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE. We don't have to bring in our flowery friends, it doesn't get that cold around here (though it is pretty chilly today, our winter has come back).Amaliaxo. 'Snowfall' is a white ever bloomer with canes that stretch out 7 to 12 feet. Amazon Go Grocery is the first grocery store to offer Just Walk Out Shopping—come in, take what you want, and just walk out. Its like three plants for one...woot! Whatever happened to these little babies?My husband bought me some mini roses from a grocery store a few years ago. This post is actually making me feel better. Oh I too love mini rose plants. I don't care for the sight of a banana peel on the plant, so coffee grounds work for me. I saw them but didn't buy...I got Tulips instead. Maybe I'll go look at the 50% off rack! Jul 9, 2016 - Explore Roxana Figueroa Schwartz's board "Mini Roses" on Pinterest. Thanks for the tips. I’ve never had one that color. I save coffee grounds once a week, and add about a tsp of them to the soil, and then water it. I've never purchased mini roses before but I've always loved them. I had always had a problem with mini roses dying as well. We'll follow their progress and see how well they do with these recommendations. As an experiment, two of these roses are going to my greenhouse and one is going to stay on my west-facing kitchen windowsill. This beautifully crafted template makes use of clean HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap code. It's a medium designed to keep the plants looking fresh for a long time in the store without extra care, and it holds too much moisture for long-term growth. Have a great week dear Kim! Definitely post the progress...I always get discouraged when I kill plants and feel that I should at least give them some sort of memorial service or something. Hugs and Happy TGIF!! My indoor roses are starting to bud again. You can buy mini roses from grocery stores in small gift pots with ribbons around them, but that doesn't mean they aren't actual rose bushes. Use a humidity tray (a saucer of gravel filled with water) to help with this. Introducing Starting & Saving Seeds: Grow the Perfect Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers for Your Garden…and a Giveaway! Hi there! Most of them aren't bred to be garden plants, they are bred to be disposable florists plants. I am a fan of roses but my brown thumb prevents me from doing anything about it. Of course, J told no! Thanks so much, Michelle! FREE Shipping by Amazon. Kim, Two peas in a pod, I tell you. Thanks for the valuable advice, but I will still treat them like a Poinsettia - enjoy them for some temporary indoor color then toss them on the compost pile. Don't take this as any sort of advice or encouragement about how to grow roses indoors long term. I hope there's a yellow one waiting for me! As with full-sized roses, deadheading is pretty much all the pruning you need to do during the growing season. So I super carefully rescued the living one, and when we got these apartments where I felt safe leaving plants outside, I put the rose out. Seems like the tips are working. Thankfully these little roses are already beginning to bloom again. I planted them and they were great all summer. I had some large pink bushes at another home I lived in 20 years ago. Like many here, I too like mini roses but don't always have success with them … I appreciated the tips.All the best Jan. Fingers crossed for me and these little pretties! I'm hoping her advice works, but we'll see. I love when they flower, Kris, I'm hoping they'll do that again soon. Just received mini roses as a gift and wasn't sure of their care. Trying to keep them inside as houseplants is a plan that is doomed to fail. Also, smaller plants require smaller doses of fertilizer. Apr 2, 2019 - Don't throw those grocery store mini roses away when the flowers disappear. :). That might be the key and it makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who's had trouble with these little guys. Miniature potted roses accent a home’s interior with beautiful rose blooms. How to Grow Roses From Cuttings Fast and Easy | Rooting Rose Cuttings with a 2 Liter Soda Bottle - Duration: 28:23. She was a great gardener. ...the days of swine and roses... the days of wine and COVID... Thanksgiving II: Gratitude, brick by brick, Hello......( with all due credit to Adele), Christine and Jim Mitchell's garden, 2020 Version, Farewell, fall flowers; hello, first freeze, Adieu Autumn, a last look at fall foliage, A Bittersweet Election Victory: What Invasive Species Can Teach Us About Politics, Thankful and a bit lost in the fog of November 2020, When You Are Home Every Day Things Get Done, Wildflower Wednesday: A favorite late blooming Asteracea, Portraits: Rick Laughlin, Landscape Designer, Forest bathing and how nature has kept me sane, Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2020, Heat Stress Solutions for Landscape Plants, Heights Garden Club: Hosting a Successful Tour During a Pandemic Pt 2, Getting out of my head and into the beds…, Mala Meditations with a Camera – what you need to know, 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunflowers. Enjoy the weekend! I removed some of the lower-most leaves, because they're in the way for repotting and they are probably going to die off anyway now that the plant is out of the commercial greenhouse environment, and I replant each little rose in its own pot. Hi, to you, too! Amazon Global Store; International Shipping. Aktueller Filter. It gets so cold here from about November to May. xoxo laurie. Yay for spring and warmer temps soon. He's roses are amazing and they've been grown in a natural way, so whenever we buy from him, the roses survive. It uses the grapes Cinsault and Grenache for its blend, and is a classic Provence style with bone-dry notes of raspberry and currant.” I have had these a few times, and always felt a complete failure when I killed them. Wonderful article. These little plants are so fat and happy looking. Amazon Go Grocery offers everything you’d want from a neighborhood grocery store—from fresh produce and meat and seafood to bakery items and household essentials—plus easy-to-make dinner options. Three for the price of one! Think I will make a trip to store tonight and see what's left. Anyhows, here's wishing you lots of lovely blooms. You’ll have to share when it blooms.AND…we have one small grocery store with that sweet floral area. I think I might be ready to try one myself! 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,205. I don't know whether my husband sprayed it and killed it or not. 2ft? The one in the kitchen window didn't fare as well. One thing I do when I transplant is to tease the root ball apart a bit so it is already reaching out towards new soil-new life...and water it well immediately after transplanting.Good luck- I have faith in you!!!! Such springtime beauty!!! I've received minis as gifts before and it was very sad to have them die. Miniaturrosen und Patiorosen, kleine kompakte Rosen. $27.99 $ 27. The idea here is to do what we can to keep these little greenhouse-grown babies alive while they're inside being protected from the cold weather that they are unaccustomed to. Inside, they don't!♥♫. Exactly the information and more I was looking for. Grocery Store mini roses. I'm getting tired of being pegged as a plant murderer! Informative post! Very good advice. Roses Mini Market. Mini roses, just like regular roses, come in all shapes. If you don't have a greenhouse, you may be able to successfully keep your miniature roses alive inside until spring ... but only until the weather is warm enough so they won't freeze. 1. My favorite grocery store rosé brand is Château des Annibals. Mr Beck tried to give J a cash refund, out of money in his wallet for J's Valentine's order! Ahhh Kim, I'm sure your mini roses will do well with love, attention and lots of water. Some vendors put four or more cuttings in their pots. Mike Kincaid 4,269,469 views This is how we transplant beautiful red and pinkish mini roses. Because they aren't house plants. By next year, these babies will be grown-up garden roses and the cold shouldn't be any big deal for them. Of course its Florida but it is quite a presentation. I would like to try some though so will keep your post in mind. I've had good luck growing grocery store minis in the ground outside as long as I get rid of all the original potting medium. That’s the goal, Debbie. there looking a bit sad does anyone have any tips to help me try and save them. 99. It’s been in our town forever. Now shoppers can find them for sale in grocery stores, where they’re touted as indoor plants. Glad it's helpful. 3.5 out of 5 stars (68) 68 reviews. !..I will give it a try..xxoJUdy. Root bound plants aren't going to thrive. If you buy one from a reputable nursery or garden center, then it’s meant to be grown outdoors. The dry indoor environment wasn't the best, and it didn't make it. I love the three separated much more than bunched together. I keep them in the dishpan till I take them to the greenhouse. Dewena, I can never pass up those beautiful little flowers, but I’m glad to know that even someone with a pro in the house has difficulty keeping them alive! The are now going out in my garden, yay! Maybe I should forget about the flowers and go for more of those ivy plants!! i have never had luck with those little beauties.. maybe keeping them indoors is why. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. I snipped off the first blooms when they started dying and now it's growing in a million different directions! Here is the secret to their girth ... three little rooted cuttings are in this pot. We have absolutely no sort of plants/flowers at my local market which I guess is good as it keeps the temptation down for me to buy a bunch of beautiful flowers. Oh Marilyn, I need to check out the Parade Mini Roses. Thank you! I was a florist for Safeway in a previous life and always tried to train my customers. I’m on the hunt!! I got these two mini rose bushes from my grocery store for 50 cents. bookreader451 Troy, NY(Zone 5b) Apr 15, 2009. They only cost about five dollars, and we are weakened by the lack of sunshine from short winter days, so we succomb and buy one. Then grow some real roses outside. How many of us saw these last week ... displays of perfect little potted miniature roses in tempting displays at the grocery store? !A total loss..And on Valentine's Eve. (oops, they didn't drain enough and they're making a puddle.). Grocery Store. I swear they give them super hormones so they can look showy and lovely and as soon as we bring them home the roses suffer from withdrawal. Would be great to know how far apart to plant the individuals you got from the one purchase though? Don't throw those grocery store mini roses away when the flowers disappear. My husband bought me some mini roses from a grocery store a few years ago. Grocery & … Dry winter indoor air creates a perfect environment for spidermites, which can build to epidemic proportions very quickly and will can actually kill your rose. Miniature roses scarcely existed a century ago. And I didn't know they were a set of three or more! 3.5 out of 5 stars (2,190) 2,190 reviews $ 4.76 FREE shipping Bestseller Favorite Add to More colors 144pcs Artificial Flowers Mini Foam Roses with stem Wedding Bouquet Decor 20 colors bigworld19. Learn how to care for them, step by step, and keep them blooming … I'm great with cut roses, but if they have roots they're doomed! And my husband, who owned a garden center for years, is no help at all because he has a fatalist view that I'm going to kill them anyway. Those I have bought in the box stores are the microminiatures and in my garden they rarely exceed 12 inches. And I adore hostas we have them all over our yard, but I agree, splitting them is a bear of a job!! I shake all of it off and plant the roses as bare-root plants. So I super carefully rescued the living one, and when we got these apartments where I felt safe leaving plants outside, I put the rose out.So now she's doing great and I've gotten 7 blooms in the last month! Same here, Linda! Fresh Sprays. Watch Reply. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I do have a pretty bulb garden on my counter that my sister sent for my birthday, though - can't wait to see all those blooms come up!! Mine are growing quite nicely in pots. I love your website! Thanks for stopping by and reading what I share. Will you plant them in the garden once you move them outdoors, Kim, or keep them in pots? I'm so glad I'm not the only one! hugs, Linda, The only time I get these mini's is when I can plant them directly outside. Mixed Bouquets. I could kill it with a quickness, with my dark house and black thumbs! I love mini roses but always kill them. Mar 23, 2019 - Don't throw those grocery store mini roses away when the flowers disappear. You can also buy homeware and earn money-saving Clubcard points. I have a feeling that the days of that charming gardening department are numbered. I'm not a fan. My new mini roses are just so adorabuuuuu!!!! Thanks Penny! Growing Tigridia (Tiger Flowers/Mexican Shell Flower), Twenty Reasons NOT to Garden and WHY I IGNORE THEM ALL with Garden Humorist Luke Ruggenberg. The retail portion of the business closed in 2012, and the mission shifted to my true love … speaking to organizations and garden clubs and giving classes to educate budding rose gardeners. Book a grocery delivery or Click+Collect slot today. The only thing "miniature" about these roses is the size of their flowers. I love mini roses but have never grown roses of any kind. As when repotting any plant, use good potting soil, water thoroughly, and allow the pots to drain. Find deals on favorite brands for food, clothing, home, electronics, and more. I hope yours do very indeed. The 18+ pages of … Fresh Wreaths. Click picture to go to web site. Award-winning 'Jeanne Lajoie' doesn’t appear to be a mini at all, when allowed to reach heights of more than 7 feet. I gave them away. I put them outside at my in-laws when I realized they were getting sad. Close. Amazon Global Store. He is so mourning the loss of his sweet companion, my heart just breaks for him.I hope your day is lovely, Connie.xo, mishahttp://www.wate.com/story/16927597/fire-destroys-madisonville-florist-shop-the-night-before-valentines-day. I’m with you, Julie…yay for spring. Skip to main content. One time many years ago, I bought one on the cusp of summer and I did plant it in the garden and it thrived. When I’m on my own, it’s a mess. Sounds like a lot of people toss them like I used to. It's cold outside, and the roses outside are sleeping, so the idea of having roses growing and blooming on the windowsill may be more than we can resist. Roses however, I love. Hartwood Roses was a small farm nursery, located just north of Fredericksburg, Virginia. That does seem like a great deal if you can get three or four plants of out it! Let's be safe for one another, wear a mask, Taking Steps Toward Planting a Winter Garden, Minimalist Guide to Bringing a Meadow Inside: Consecrating Effort, Watercolor bookmarks with a little surprise...the perfect holiday stocking stuffer, A New Freedom Summer and Beyond Reading List. Roses Discount Stores offer great, quality items at low prices, every day! $8.99 $ 8. She's growing super tall though, are these one of the roses that you can put on a trellis? I always fall for the miniature roses and always give up on them when they get scraggly and bloom-less. I've always loved them! Yes, our grocery store had them in every color imaginable! Now that spring has hit our area, I've been working in my yard for almost 2 whole days and I am SORE, SORE, SORE!!!! I just believed my green thumb wasn't green enough for roses!!! (I hope I have not offended). Thank you so much for the advice! Hope your roses turn out well! I too was surprised to see that there were three plants in the pot. International Shipping Eligible; Condition. I have to say, I'm impressed. Online shopping from a great selection at Grocery & Gourmet Food Store. My mom used to say that plants loved me, but that’s only because she told me when to water them and feed them and transplant them…and HOW to do it all.