Specializing in all types of repairs on fixed blade knives and pocket knives, Trustworthy, reliable, fast repair service, all replacement parts made individually by hand. Their fast deployment makes them ideal for anyone who needs quick, one-handed access to their pocket knife. Below is a list of items that I can repair: Replace broken blades Replace broken springs Replace broken handels For handle repair, I offer several choices of handle material: The repair process and return of the knife takes an average of four to five weeks. Than use it to make one good knife out of two. Whether it’s due to rust blooming under the liners or sand in the bearing pivot, this week’s installment in the Knife Maintenance Month series will help guide you through disassembling (and reassembling) your folding knives. Pocket Knife Restoration: Do you have an old broken or dirty knife learn to clean it up an make it look good again. I can replace them with a new spring that will last for many years to come. Customize accessories like handles by choosing your preferred style and size. I can fix major play, blade peek, knives that fail to lock open and/or closed. By continuing on this website you consent to our use of cookies and similar technology, which collect and share with third parties the IP address of your device and browsing information, to make your browsing experience as useful as possible. Switchblade knives are made of a blade and an exterior housing or case. The retractable, folding and pocket knives feature quick change mechanisms for easy blade replacement, the folding knives feature a spring assist opening and many have blade storage in their handles. $5.00 covers the cost to return your knife and $15.00 covers the cost of the service work. 2-ounce ball peen or jewelers hammer. Free shipping on many items ... NEW 22 Mixed Knife Lot Spring Fixed Axe FOR PARTS DEFECTS REPAIR Wholesale Flea. Not only do I make custom, handmade knives, I also offer professional knife repair, refurbishing and antique knife restoration. If repairs cannot be made, you will be offered a new knife. If it's over-stretched or broken in the middle, it needs to be replaced. The most common repairs are damaged blade repair or damaged handle repair. Instructions for sending your product in for evaluation: Step #1- Prepare your knife for shipment. Colonial Knife a division of CCI, Inc. USA a world leader in pocket and sport knives will repair your Schrade knife for the fee of $20.00 per knife. When shipping up your knife only for the Estimate of the Repair cost include the payment $50.00 for the Return S&H The repairs are labor intensive, and therefore are not cheap. 9 bids. TecX will attempt to repair any knife that may have a defect in material or workmanship. You do have an option just to throw your knife away and go purchase another knife, or keep old one and cruise garage sales or auctions for the same model with needed parts intact, or in better shape than yours. Their compact design and razor-sharp blades make pocket knives the most versatile tools available. Below is a beginners list of things I can repair for you: All prices are in US dollars Note to fellow Canadians: use Canadian Bank Curency Converter number for Buying US dollars Your Payment is required up front - include it with the knife. Buck Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear, misuse, or product modifications. Check out our guide to the Best Budget OTF Knives. From designer folding knife pivots, back spacers, thumb studs to custom and replacement pocket clips for knives of all types, we have been a trusted knife making parts source for knife makers since 2000. Operating as a multifunction pocketknife and multi-tool, the Swiss Army Knife incorporates mechanisms as diverse as toothpicks to screwdrivers to can openers. While some of … Welcome to our side opening automatic knife category. I can fix most any issue with your knife; Broken kicksprings are very common with these older knives as they were quite thin. My daughter is a Senior Girl Scout and asked me for a pocket knife. These knives are banned in some states and only supplied to government personnel, Law Enforcement and Armed forces. Replacement Knife Parts This is where you will find replacement knife parts including springs, and screws. We warranty each and every Buck knife to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife, and we will repair or replace with a new knife, at our option, any Buck knife that is defective. 12 $12.58 $12.58 If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee. We have all the pieces you need to start making your own custom knife. Follow the instructions for your specific OTF knife on how to reattach the new spring … Properly maintaining your tools is crucial to their longevity and performance. 1043 Fordtown Road, Kingsport TN 37663 and include a check or money order for each item that is included (call (800) 251-0254 for … You can order a replacement spring from the manufacturer or you can send it back to the manufacturer for them to service. Developed in Switzerland during the late nineteenth century, the Swiss Army Knife is among the most commonly used utility knives available. The repair costs can exceed the actual purchase price, sometimes several times over. Step #2- Package your knife securely in a box or padded envelope. I found a 1950s vintage Girl Scout knife by Kutmaster that is excellent shape except that the spring that holds the main blade open doesn't seem to be doing it's job well. References. 2. ECT Most repairs require at least 3/4 disassembly of the knife. Need a good, budget-friendly OTF knife? Hinderer Knives XM-18 3.5 Inch Knife - Textured Natural Micarta Replacement Handle Scale $100.00 Flytanium Custom Titanium Backspacer for Benchmade Bugout Knife - Stonewash $23.00 Flytanium Custom Brass Scales for Spyderco Delica Knife - Stonewash Finish $59.00 Sometimes, that means you’ll need to take them apart. Take a look at the spring. Pocket Clip: An accessory to a knife, which may be permanently affixed to the handle or removable, that allows the wielder to affix their folding knife to their belt, pocket, or otherwise Spine: An alternative term for the back of a blade, but also refers to a piece of metal that stretches the length of the handle in back lock folding knives. For decades, pocket knives have helped people with everything from cutting rope to savings lives. Knife making supplies and knife parts from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Pocket Knife Maintenance: Tighten, Adjust, or Reposition Your Clip: When Spyderco introduced their ClipIt pocket knives in the 1980s, they used what they called an integral clip which was made of plastic, and was formed as a one-piece extension of the handle scale. Below is our complete line of side opening automatic knives. They are durable, reliable and fly open as soon as you press the button. We spend a lot of time here at Knife Informer talking about folding knives. Automatic Knives (also known as Switchblades) are spring loaded, side opening knives. A simple push of the button causes the blade to come out and it goes back inside with another push. When shipping up your knife for the Estimate of the Repair cost only, not a repair, please do include the payment $50.00 US for the Return S&H The repairs are labor intensive, and therefore are not cheap. For example, two knives will cost $40.00. Before adding this item to your cart, please contact customer service at: Toll Free: 1.800.426.5134 or Email: info@messermeister.com Knife repair includes: Nicks in blade Bent tips Bolster repair The cost for repairs are $7 per issue. From beginners who are looking for all the pieces to make their own knife making kits to handle materials, butt caps, and spacers - we have a little bit of it all. Case: Tales & Traditions ; Case: Warranty & Repairs ; Writer Bio. However, if the knife holds sentimental value or is a collector’s item and cannot be repaired, TecX is not responsible for … If you are looking for more traditional stiletto style … Folding knife kits offer the necessary materials needed for making pocket knives. Example: If a knife has a nick and a bent tip, the cost of repair would be $14 plus When the knife isn't in use, the blade stays hidden inside this case. Is there a shop that will repair old pocket knives or is this something that I can attempt on my own? MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705GD Spring Assist Folding Knife, Gold Half-Serrated Blade, Gold Handle, 4.5-Inch Closed 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,277 $11.12 $ 11 . Our selection includes VG-10 locking liner kits, folders with file work, multi-blade folding kits, locking liner kits, and more. For the safety of our technicians, please clean away any dirt or debris such as blood or animal matter from your knife. KnifeKits.com offers over 1000 different types of precision parts and components for knife making and knife repair. Acknowledgement to: Mr. Dale Vincent of ORVET CUSTOMS AAPK Administrator orvet@comcast.net orvet Gold Tier Location: Willamette Valley, Oregon Tools Used-1.Spring-loaded center punch. This is also where you can find customized scales if you are looking to make some modifications to the look of your knife. Out-the-front knives, or OTF knives, rocket open with the slide of a button. 3. I repair and refurbish old antique folding knives (pocket knives) or straight knives. With one of these folders tucked into your pocket, you gain a strength, usefulness and authority that will help you get any job done. Get the best deals on knife repair when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Schrade Pocket Knives Repair Information In order to have the item repaired or replaced, it is required to send the product to Taylor Brands, LLC. Amie Taylor has been a writer since 2000. KNIFE REPAIR FORM: Repair ship to address: W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. Consumer Repair Department 50 Owens Way (UPS, FedEx packages) PO Box 4000 (US Mail packages) Bradford, PA 16701-4000 PH 800-523-6350 Date___-___-_____ Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. ... Spyderco Knife Pocket Clip Repair clip … There are a wide variety of locking mechanisms used by manufacturers, each with their own pros and cons. In this project you can learn how to fix and modify your old and rusty knives. Book reviews, gardening and outdoor lawn equipment repair articles and short fiction account for a handful of her published works. Schrade Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. In addition to making custom handmade knives, I also offer knife repair, refurbishing and restoration services. 6-inch mill bastard file. $20.50. WARRANTY & REPAIR. Your Payment is required up front - include it with the knife. Pocket Knife Repair Tutorial. I can repair folding knives (pocket knives) or straight knives (kitchen knives). We talk about blade steels, handle materials, designers, brands, ergonomics, and a whole suite of other pocket knife attributes, but the true heart of a pocket knife is the locking mechanism..