Latest 2020 news articles, blog posts & updates from industry experts. The problem of predation at a hatchery in Southeast Alaska is going big-time in a slick video of a humpback whale invading a net pen to gobble salmon fry, and the state’s reputation for world-class salmon management could be the biggest victim. Wednesday September 23, 2020 . Whale watching vessels need to do more than keep their distance. Image credit: Copernicus EU/Sentinel-2, TW. 1s. The largest female whale shark at Georgia Aquarium has died, the Atlanta attraction announced. Scientists hope remains, thought to be up to 5,000 years old, will deepen knowledge of whale species and of rising sea levels First published on Fri 27 Nov 2020 09.38 EST A whale … Bilal Rashid via Reuters A whale that traveled from Russia stunned whale watchers earlier this month, not just because of the long journey but also because it was done with a … November 25, 2020 10:53 AM. Data from the 2020 NARWC Report Card and NOAA Fisheries. October 16, 2020. September 9, 2020 . 1s. Tuesday September 22, 2020 . The cause behind the beaching event is yet to be identified. Cottriel told FOX26 News, "I'm thinking to myself, 'I'm gonna push.' Reporter – News Analyst November 19, 2020. Mortalities are reported either in U.S. waters (dark blue) or Canadian waters (red). By Mindy Pennybacker; Nov. 29, 2020 ; … Ein ganzes Jahr Whale Watching auf einen Blick. 1s. on YES 101. The Georgia Aquarium’s largest female whale shark died Friday. Hawaii News Humpback whale season opens early in Hawaii and researchers hope numbers continue to rebound . Updated Nov 29, 2020; Posted Nov 29, 2020 . A Whale Shark is pictured swimming in the wild at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. The conductor smashed through a barrier that would have led 32 feet down to water below, had it … November 19, 2020 by Editorial Staff Leave a Comment. Two whale watchers had a close encounter while kayaking off the coast of Avila Beach, California, that they will likely never forget. New York’s marine waters are home to various marine life, including large whales. News Whale tale. Whale News. A “Fingerprint” on The Tail (Tells Which Whale). 1s. A rare mega-pod of humpback whales. November 18, 2020 (Photo: HamiltonJet) Waterjet propulsion manufacturer HamiltonJet said it has once again partnered with Whale Watch Kaikōura on … Nearly 100 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand's Department of Conservation said Wednesday. Biologists euthanized a sperm whale in Mobile Bay on Nov. 25, 2020… News 1st’s Zulfick Farzan speaks to Chevaan Daniel on the Rescue Op. A female North Atlantic right whale with her calf. UP NEXT. Alison Auld - November 26, 2020 — BFM News (@NewsBFM) September 22, 2020. by Alison Auld, Dalhousie University. While the intelligent mammals, which hunt in large pods, are known for their orchestrated attacks on unsuspecting marine animals, they have never posed a threat to humans. Der Walplaner 2020! Right whales have a range from the east coast of Florida in the United States to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada. Acquired September 4, 2020 Wildlife of the Week! The carcass of a fin whale which was found stranded on a beach last Saturday in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, France, November 16, 2020 [Stephane Mahe/Reuters] 16 Nov 2020 facebook HamiltonJet Equips New Whale Watching Vessel. 1s. View recent articles in Whale News . New England Aquarium has identified the whale as # 4680, a 4-year-old male calf of the right whale known as Dragon. Pilot whales lie stranded on a sand bar near Strahan, Australia in September. View recent articles in Whale News . The last known sighting of #4680 was on July 7, 2020, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and at the time the whale was gear-free. At least 97 pilot whales and three dolphins die on remote Chatham Islands, New Zealand’s department of conservation says. Whale rescue efforts take place at Macquarie Harbour in Tasmania, Australia September 22,2020 in this picture obtained from social media. New research shows even small ships pose deadly threat to North American right whales. Latest 2020 news articles, blog posts & updates from industry experts. Die besten Orte für Walbeobachtung, Monat für Monat zum Durchklicken. Most Recent Articles. However, since late July, the normally social animals have been intentionally attacking sailboats off the coasts of Spain and Portugal. Watch Out for Whales in New York Waters. News; Mobile Bay dead whale exam reveals sex, length, food it ate. 2020 US Presidential Election Whale Nervously Awaits Outcome on $1.3M Bet. Most Recent Articles. (AP pic) WELLINGTON: Almost 100 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding on New … Ninety-seven whales died and dozens more had to be euthanised by rescue workers Last modified on Tue 24 Nov 2020 20.13 EST A mass stranding on the … Sunday September 20, 2020 . Hundreds of pilot whales have died in a mass stranding in southern Australia despite efforts to save them, with rescuers racing to free a few dozen survivors. Written By: Chris Nesi Published: Nov 9, 2020 Updated: Nov 9, 2020 The entire world anxiously watched the results of the 2020 US Presidential Election slowly come to light, but one particular election bettor was probably a bit more nervous than most. 1s. September 8, 2020 . 1s. Whales are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and boaters must stay at least 500 yards (1,500 feet) away from North Atlantic right whales and at least 100 yards from all other whales. Nov 24, 2020 The Maui News The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is seeking to fill all five primary and 11 alternate seats on its advisory council. Monday September 21, 2020 . (Ningaloo Blue) The fish range in length between 5.5 metres and … New research suggests whales in need of peace and quiet are disturbed by the engine noise of encroaching boats. Tripadvisor Travellers Choice award . New Zealand mass stranding leaves nearly 100 whales dead. Killer whales, or orcas, are the largest members of the oceanic dolphin family. A metro train was beached upon a whale in the Netherlands late Sunday. The proclamation reaffirmed the City’s commitment in partnership with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research … New research shows even small ships pose deadly threat to North American right whales. At the November 17, 2020 City Commission Meeting, Fernandina Beach Mayor John Miller, a committed environmentalist, presented Cheryl Munday with a City Proclamation declaring November 2020 to be Right Whale Month. were today spotted feeding off the New South Wales coast. NOW PLAYING: Election 2020 Whale carcasses litter New Zealand beach due to mass stranding Reuters. 1s. 1s. However, it was believed to be the worst on record as it surpassed a previous record set in 1996 when 320 dead whales were found in Western Australia. Experts at the scene were not able to pinpoint a reason for the stranding, not uncommon with this species of whale. At first, it appeared like the whale swallowed the women, but their kayak only capsized and they were thrown underwater. The massive shark named Trixie died on Friday … Last Updated 0 Minute ago | Refresh. Dozens of whales and dolphins that beached themselves on the U.S. Atlantic Coast contained high levels of pollutants and heavy metals in their blubber and liver tissues, a new … ocean 8:55pm Sep 15, 2020 Humpback whales found in crocodile-infested Northern Territory river