We all want a lens that will work phenomenally in any given condition but with more versatility comes higher pricing. The Canon 100-400 IS II is a popular option for enthusiasts, as is the Nikon 200-500, the Nikon 500mm PF, the Fuji 100-400 and the Sony 200-600. The only two I would ever use would be a polarizer if the animal was wet, or a neutral density filter if the animal was being very still close to water, and I wanted to create a special effect of adding movement to the water. Wildlife Photography Gear Summary. For those instances it might be a better idea to take along a smaller drone like the Mavic Pro, which is a lot smaller and portable and can easily fit into your camera bag alongside your video camera. Mathieu Noe Videography Welcome From a young age I have had a strong affiliation to media and documentaries, starting from very basic GoPro’s, to the more advanced SONY AX100. According to wildlife photographer Murray Feist, one of the challenges is finding suitable equipment for photographing wildlife. The choices of equipment for wildlife photography are almost endless. With the right lighting, you can create different moods and emotions that make for … The other thing that you need to be aware of with these covers is that they require a camera-specific eyepiece to be purchased separately. That way I have a perfectly smooth panning motion with a heavy setup, but it’s much less bulky to set up than using a full gimbal in my car. The heavier the camera, the better support you will need. Nothing has ever tempted me to try the cradle. What I really want to do is to reassure people that it is perfectly possible to get stellar images when using an extender. One piece of equipment you definitely need to add to your kit is a high-quality light. Great wildlife photographs are a wonderful addition to anyone's portfolio and will illicit positive comments from photographers and non-photographers alike. There actually aren’t a whole lot of options out there for quality long lens covers, but the Think Tank Hydrophobia 300-600 V3 is the best-known one for super-telephoto lenses, and the Hydrophobia 70-200 V3 is the best one for telephoto zooms such as a 70-200mm, 100-400mm or 80-400mm. To start at the beginning, you’ll need something to shoot your film on. 2. MindShift Gear and Think Tank have a deal that I want to share with you. For bird photography we do not need a tripod to stabilize the shot because actually you’ll always have enough shutter speed for this not to be a problem. Easy-to-use, inexpensive equipment can result in photographs of lower quality, which are more difficult to sell or publish. Whether you just have a desire to film Africa’s fascinating wildlife, or you are aiming for a career in the competitive world of wildlife film making, then this training program is for you. Ans: We all know buying a camera and lens is enough for wildlife photography. The other reason for getting a tripod is simply to prevent fatigue. 1 talking about this. The lens is sharp throughout the range and even works well with the Sony 1.4x extender to give you a hand-holdable 840mm lens (see above wild bison image). it gives me 2x crop factor on Olympus omd em1 mk2 body The Panasonic GH5 one of the best prosumer video cameras to be made to date. In most cases, this actually adds very little cost to the equation. There is no shortage of great cameras on the market at the moment and with the cost of camera technology decreasing and the increase of interest in photography and film making, prices will continue to become more affordable. MARINE - WILDLIFE - VIDEOGRAPHY. And, while you may add more video-related gear over time, you can make some initial, fairly modest investments and get into video production without having to break the bank. Excellent idea! This workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels, since our multi-day format allows us time to work with each participant individually. Hey! The 7D Mark II, with its APS-C sensor is ideal for wildlife photographers. Other topics will cover sales, marketing, distribution, evaluating film equipment, and career planning. Obviously, you'll need a good camera, and a tripod usually comes in handy, too. It’s actually pretty simple if you stick to using the big, well established companies such as lensrentals.com. This camera is a complete package with everything you will need to go out and film. 60 seconds isn’t a long time to tell your story so preparation is very important. ENG Wireless Systems are the best way to record quality audio when performing interviews or having the host of the show talk into the camera. Please, please do not buy the cheapest tripod that will “do the job”. Updated June, 2020. Summit Wildlife Removal, is family owned and operated. Just like the Think Tank cover, these also need a dedicated eyepiece and I actually prefer the Aquatech eyepieces. Camcorder vs DSLR mirrorless Cinema Cameras which one is best for Filming Wildlife There you also need a dozen pieces of equipment that can support you to enhance your wildlife photos more lively. All of our reviews focus on nature and wildlife videography. Many of my favourite images have been shot with extenders, and that even includes 2x extenders, which some people would have you believe are garbage! Thanks! Sony user must undoubtedly consider the incredibly good value Sony 200-600mm G lens, which one the very first Sony lens I purchased myself when I moved to a Sony mirrorless system. Nature Photography Workshops. However higher prices does not necessarily correlate to better image quality. Drones are now more accessible than ever and I will mention below two models that I believe are your best value for money. Or should i just use a hood? You’ll regret it. This can be a good thing to adhere to, especially if you are testing the water with wildlife photography. If you do need a bit more comfort for hiking, then I recommend the MindShift Gear FirstLight 40L (read my MindShift FirstLight review here). Gimbals, Slider, LIghts, Audio Recording Devices, Photography Lights & Flashes on rent. Whilst I would never buy a lens with the sole intention of using it continuously with an extender on it, they can be an incredibly handy tool to have in your back pocket for occasional extra reach and compositional variation. LensCoat LensSacks are the perfect answer and they come in a couple of different sizes. Drawing lessons from his 40 years of observing and photographing the Earth's last great wild places, Tom will discuss the complex process behind his breathtaking wildlife photographs. At just 22 years old, Bertie is now hosting National Geographic Wild’s first digital series - Wild Life with Bertie Gregory where he tries to track down and film the elusive coastal wolf on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Below are three good quality Wildlife Hides currently available on the market. I have personally used all three of these Lavaliere Microphone Systems and even while shooting in the howling desert winds or trekking through the jungle, all three have produced good clean audio with little wind noise or interference. Had a question about your side mount gimbal. Using a separate microphone will make a big difference. There have been times where I had a need for extra reach. Although about twice the price of the Nikkor 200-500, the 500mm PF is smaller, lighter, faster and much sharper. Thanks! Topics in this homeschool filmmaking curriculum will include story structure, screenwriting, casting, and the many elements of film production, including pre- and post-production editing. For more info check our privacy policy. Here’s an article I have written on stacking extenders http://shuttermuse.com/how-to-stack-canon-extenders-teleconverters/. These attract colorful wood ducks as well as other waterfowl which migrate through or spend the winter here. A gimbal is by the best thing for tracking moving objects. I have been using it for years. I’ve had some good results with the low end Canon SX60-HS. Sony PMW-EX3. Wildlife photographers should also be very comfortable with being outdoors for long periods of time. I’m curious about the idea of renting a telephoto lens… how does one go about that? Moose Peterson’s primary DSLRs and lenses for wildlife video are the Nikon D3S and D4, and AF-S Nikkor 600mm ƒ/4G ED VR prime and AF-S Nikkor 200-400mm ƒ/4G ED VR II zoom. A 10X set of binoculars is going to show you a far closer view than your super-telephoto lens does, and that’s the important thing. He recommends a long telephoto lens to photograph small and distant animals. Some filmmakers would say this is not the case as we tend to put more time and energy into the video part of film making during both production and post production. Think of it like a first aid kit. Wildlife Photography; Bird Photography; Fine Art Photography There’s really no escaping the fact that you’re going to need a relatively long lens to … Because the videographer (or producer) usually wants to capture sound in front of the camera, shotgun mics are the standard, either camera mounted or handled separately on a boom pole. Do you mean you use 2 1.4X TCs on the same lens? When you’re looking at specifications you’ll see binoculars are always represented by two numbers. Lastly, the secret of any good wildlife production is the art of patience and persistent. The other option is to buy a macro prime lens that will produce great results but Macro Lens Extension Tubes produce great results for just a fraction of the price. Save your energy and use a tripod to have your gear ready and waiting right in front of you. The top countries of suppliers are China, India, from which the percentage of videography equipment supply is 99%, 1% respectively. Wireless lavs are great if you can afford them. Thanks for pointing it out. It is for this reason you might want to consider a more compact camera rig and tripod system if you are a one man operation or work in a run-and-gun manner. Styles of Photography. Once tested, I will update this page if it is successful. If on the other hand, you are shooting wildlife more regularly, and not just on one-off safaris, then definitely consider the Tamron and Sigma options as well as the native Nikon, Sony or Canon ones. And to be honest, neither of those situations is that common. Abir mahmu on March 17, 2018 at 5:31 pm These equipment are quite fundamentals and without the quality materials it will be hard for an amateur filmmaker to build extra-ordinary films. I’ve actually tested this lens myself whilst shooting grizzly bears and was impressed by its sharpness. Nature Wildlife and Landscape Photography. The auto-focus jumps around erratically and seems to get confused with even the slightest of movements. The headlamp is perfect when you need two hands to rummage in a camera bag, and they also do a great job of illuminating your immediate surroundings when you are walking in the dark. So what does this mean? the only weak link in the system is me, the lens camera combo is amazing for birds and wildlife, and totally water proof. Sorry it took me a while to reply. And that might be true, because professional wildlife photographers have tens of thousands of dollars invested in equipment: extreme telephoto lenses, several camera bodies and all other kinds of additional equipment. Thanks! Covers are available for most lenses in a variety of patterns. You select the lens, they ship it to you and include all the return shipping documents too, so it’s really easy to send it back when you’re done. I value equipment … Macro Lens Extension Tubes place to lens 10mm-25mm further away from the sensor, allowing the lens to focus a lot closer than it would be possible without. Great stories take time to develop and the only way to create amazing content is by getting out there everyday, even if its not what you really feel like doing in that moment in time. Invest in the best gear you can afford and don’t beat yourself up about it if your camera isn’t the best. I have flown the Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 4 on almost a daily basis for the past year and a half now, what must be a few hundred flights, and not once have I had a flight where the drone caused some sort of danger to animals or people. 푃푎푠푠푖표푛푛푒́푒 푑푒 푛푎푡푢푟푒 푒푡 푑푒 푝ℎ표푡표푠, 푎푢푡푎푛푡 푐표푚푏푖푛푒푟 푙푒푠 푑푒푢푥 ! Morning and evening sunlight is best for a warm feel, although it may sometimes give too much of a yellowish cast. Here’re a few things to consider before you even pick up your camera… 1. Well if the items were truly essential to taking a picture then the list would, of course, just be a camera and a lens. Was a great read and gave me great advice. There is no perfect camera  and they all have their limitations, so find a body that complements your film making as far as your budget allows you. I’m at the point to buy a new Canon and a few new lenses. You will have to be the judge of this, and if your time is limited it is often better to opt for a complete camcorder where no lenses have to be swapped in between various shots as you would need to do with a camera like the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera or the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera. The technological revolution in image stabilization is presently underway in 3 axis image stabilization systems such as gimbals and even more so, those build into the camera bodies themselves. The Aquatic world is one of the final frontiers of this planet. Everyday when I go out to film, I have a clear cut plan of what it is I need to find and document. LensCoat telephoto lens covers offer your valuable equipment some protection from scrapes and bumps, preserving its resale value. For those instances, the only real way to get close enough to film them is to hide out patiently in a blind of some sort. A monocular can be a great choice when you have to hike to your location because they are smaller, lighter and fit easily onto your belt. Spend time in the field watching wildlife for long periods, make notes, understand what the animals are doing, start to learn fieldcraft so that you can watch animals without being seen, heard or smelt. The problem with this is that it assumes flat ground! At times, a wildlife photographer will spend hours, days, or even months camped outdoors, just waiting for the perfect shot. For those using side-mount gimbals like the Sidekick from Wimberley, or the Really Right Stuff gimbal pictured earlier with my Canon 200-400, you’ll have to use the armhole on the left-hand side to pass the lens foot through. Very rarely do I have the thought that I missed a shot because I was using a camera that was too slow. No, I might not use the first aid kit, nor do I need it to begin the process of actually hiking to my camp destination, but it’d sure be a bad move to go on the trip without one. Whether you just have a desire to film Africa’s fascinating wildlife, or you are aiming for a career in the competitive world of wildlife film making, then this training program is for you. Yes my tripod is a pricey choice, and I’m not saying you have to pay RRS prices, but I take great satisfaction in the sturdiness of it and knowing that it’s going to be with me for many adventures to comes.