Math Club:

Math club is a space dedicated to intellectual growth. Students engage with mathematical material to improve their understanding, refresh on past material, and excel. Having a set time for students to explore and embrace the challenges of math empowers students to love math and take pride in the process of learning.

Grades 2nd-8th


Coding/Robotics Club

Students will learn coding at an age appropriate level and learn the connections between coding and the technology they use every day. Throughout the year, students will grow in their knowledge of robotics and their understanding of what makes everyday technology work. This club is great for curious students with the desire to discover!

Sessions are available to various grade levels throughout the year

Webby Dance

A dance instructor comes weekly to teach kindergarten and first grade students about jazz, ballet, and tap. They learn one number in each style and they hold a recital for their parents at the end of the class period. No dance background is required. This is a fun-spirited introductory level class to multiple styles of dance.

Available to grades TK-3rd

The Bear Essentials News Media

Students work on writing, filming, editing and producing a 10-20 minute news broadcast highlighting all the daily happenings of OLR. Students gain valuable skills of researching, writing, reporting, interviewing, public speaking, filming, graphic design, video editing and teamwork. Episodes of “The Bear Essentials” are aired during the school-wide Friday Morning Assemblies.

Available to grades 2nd-8th