In order for your child to be eligible for a testing appointment, you MUST bring the following items:

  • A completed Application for each child applying to the school.  Please print clearly using a ballpoint pen.
  • A completed Records Release Form, for students applying for 1st – 7th grade.
  • A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate.
  • A copy of the child’s Baptismal Certificate (if applicable).
  • A copy of the child’s First Holy Communion Certificate (if applicable).
  • A Letter of Reference from the present school grades 1st – 7th.  Parents of kindergarten students should have current preschool fill out a student evaluation form.
  • Copies of Report Cards from past 2 years for students entering 2nd – 7th grades; kindergarten report card for students entering 1st grade.


  • Catholic students in our own parish will be given first consideration.  Members of other parishes will be considered if space is available.
  • Because it is our purpose to educate students in the Catholic faith, priority will be given to baptized Catholics.
  • Applicants will be accepted based on readiness to enter our program, and will be determined by an entrance exam/interview, evaluation of applicant packet, and involvement in our parish.


Parent Requirements:

  • Family support of the religious instruction by regular and active participation in parish Sunday Mass.
  • Active participation in parish activities.
  • Parental support of the school and its policies as laid out in the Parent Handbook.
  • Required 35 hours of service
    • Failure to meet this number of hours incurs a fee of 40 dollars for every hour not completed.
  • Meeting the fundraising requirement of $800 dollars yearly.
  • Remaining in good financial standing with the school: timely tuition payments, daycare payments, and the meeting of all obligations.

Student Requirements:

  • All students: Evidence of a good Christian attitude and conformity to the school discipline policy.
  • Satisfactory completion of placement tests.
  • All new students are admitted on probationary status for one year. Their progress is monitored and reviewed at the end of each trimester for continued attendance.