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Welcome to 4th Grade Classroom!

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Welcome to all of our families! Our classroom is focused on Christ and on deepening in the knowledge of our faith as we engage in meaningful learning experiences. Fourth grade has a rich, engaging curriculum and this is the year in which we begin developing academic independence. We will support, respect and show caring for our fellow students as we grow in faith and knowledge.

The following is a brief overview of the curriculum for the 4th Grade. We are looking forward to a rigorous and exciting year!


Our students will continue to learn about God, His plans for our salvation and His son, Jesus. They will learn to be good stewards of God’s gifts, to practice caring for others and to deepen in faith as they explore the teachings of our church. The 4th graders will delve more deeply into the sacraments, learn more about the liturgical calendar and have the opportunity to learn, understand and practice the prayers of our Catholic faith.


Our students will fine-tune their reading and word analysis skills in order to decode, comprehend and enjoy grade level reading materials. Students will have opportunities each day to explore a variety of texts, both independently and in groups. They will learn to recognize the characteristics specific to different types of texts, explore key ideas and details in fiction and non-fiction texts, practice fluency, evaluate structure and integrate their own knowledge and ideas.

In writing, our students will learn to craft and present organized and thoughtful pieces. Their writing will reflect a variety of purposes and audiences. The students will use the steps of the writing process efficiently, recognize and use standard conventions effectively, modify their writing to support the purpose for the piece and present their writing to audiences.


Our students will use the four operations to solve problems, become familiar with factors and multiples, and analyze patterns. They will work with and understand place value and perform multi-digit arithmetic. Additionally, 4th graders will extend their understanding of fractions, decimals, working with measurement, and interpreting mathematical data. Students will explore the qualities of geometric shapes, angles and lines.


It will be an exciting year in Social Studies! The students will be learning about our great state, both geographically and sociologically. 4th graders will learn about native Californians and those who have migrated here over time. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to create a mission and participate in Pioneer Days.  Students will continue to develop their map reading skills, enjoy content-based literature, and develop critical thinking skills.


Students will learn about electricity and magnetism, explore the characteristics of living organisms and how they relate to their environments, and investigate the properties of the Earth, including rocks and minerals. Additionally, students will perform hands-on experiments, conduct scientific inquiries, utilize tables of information, and evaluate results.