6th Grade Religion:

Sixth Grade Religion focuses on defining the Church as “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic” as is stated in the Nicaean Creed. The class also looks at the role of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church. The class examines early Christianity during the period of the Roman Empire, matching up with Social Studies. Finally, students are introduced to the idea of Catholic social teachings and social justice.

6th Grade Social Studies:

Sixth Grade Social Studies focuses on Ancient civilizations. The first trimester examines hunter-gatherers and their movement toward sedentary societies and culminates with a study of Mesopotamia. The second trimester focuses on the other River Valley Civilizations such as Egypt on the Nile, the Indian civilizations of the Indus and Ganges Rivers, and the Chinese civilizations of Huang He and the Yangtze Rivers. During the second trimester much of our time is spent examining Buddhism and Hinduism in India and Confucianism in Han China. The third trimester is dedicated to Western Civilization. It begins with Ancient Israel, followed by Ancient and Classical Greece, and ends with the Roman Republic. Students learn about Greek philosophy, the foundation of democracy in the Western world, and the creation and rise of the Roman Republic.

6th grade Language Arts:

Students will read, reflect, and respond to various forms of literature, including novels, short stories, dramas, and poems. Special attention will be given to the genre and the importance it plays in the text.  In addition to that, students will read various pieces of informational texts. Text structure will be a focus in aiding comprehension. The class will supplement its reading with both the use of technology and more traditional forms of writing, including books/novels and anthologies.  

Comprehension strategies will include individual and class reflection and discussion, knowledge and understanding of literary techniques, vocabulary, and identifying an author’s point of view.  

Using the five-paragraph essay, student writing will continue to expand on effective ways to support a claim. 6th graders will focus on writing essays; using relevant evidence to support a position and learning to write a well-constructed thesis statement.  Students will be required to write over a period of time (a research project, revisions, book reports, etc.) and they will accomplish assignments on shorter time-frames as well. 

In sixth grade, students will be expected to develop consistent and correct use of the conventions of writing, a more specific and vivid vocabulary, and clear organization of writing.

6th Grade Science:

In 6th grade, our students are taught the California State Standards which emphasize Earth Science. Our school uses CK-12.org as our main curriculum. Each student uses their school-issued ipad to gain access to this exciting, updated program. These standards explore the many concepts and ideas of planet Earth. We start with plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes. In the mineral and rock unit, we take a closer look at how they formed and what they are made of through various labs and activities. We dive into weather, erosion and the ocean’s zones through using 21st century learning, which includes videos and hands-on activities to keep students engaged. The Water Cycle is a fun unit which includes several labs, diagrams and activities. Next we explore the atmosphere, climate and biomes through hands-on activities and 3D models. What an exciting year for 6th grade!