7th Grade Religion:

Seventh Grade Religion focuses on the New Testament. The class studies the parables of Jesus and looks to the scripture to establish the precedent for the celebration of the sacraments. During Lent, the class focuses on the Passion of Christ, and in the Easter Season studies Jesus’ final days on earth before his ascension. The study of the Easter Season ends with a study of Pentecost. Seventh Grade Religion also focuses on the historical Church in the Medieval Period and the Renaissance, which matches the Social Studies curriculum.

7th Grade Social Studies:

Seventh Grade Social Studies focuses on Medieval and Early Modern World History. The course begins with fall of the Western Roman Empire and the rise of the Byzantine Empire. It then shifts outside of Europe to the Arabian Peninsula and examines the rise of Islam in Arabia, and its expansion into the Middle East, the Mediterranean World, and into West Africa. The course then shifts gears and moves to East Asia where the focus becomes the dynasties of China after the Han Dynasty and the foundation of feudal Japan and the Shogunate. The course then shifts back west to Europe where the class spends three chapters examining the start of the Middle Ages, the end of the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. The class ends with an exploration of East and Southern African society and their interactions with the Europeans in the Age of Exploration and the civilizations of Mesoamerican.