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Upon graduation Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School students will be:

Faith filled individuals who:
  • Participate in activities in their communities of faith (prayer, worship, community service)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Catholic faith
  • Understand and model Christian morals and values


Effective communicators who:

  • Listen, reason, evaluate and convey information verbally and in written forms
  • Utilize technology appropriately
  • Deliver focused, coherent presentations, verbal or written, appropriate to topic
Well-rounded individuals who:
  • Incorporate the fine arts into their lives.
  • Understand the importance of good nutrition and exercise.
  • Embrace ethnic and cultural diversity as a strength.
Responsible, independent citizens who:
  • Make choices based on personal responsibility by caring for personal, community, and global environments
  • Select and utilize appropriate resources
  • Strive to be life-long learners


Academically prepared students who:

  • Meet or exceed grade level competence in all curricular areas
  • Make effective use of oral and written data
  • Practice and apply necessary study and critical thinking skills


Upon graduation Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School students will be:

Faith filled individuals who:

  • Pray
  • Know God
  • Make good choices


Effective communicators who:

  • Listen and speak well
  • Use technology
  • Present information


Well-rounded individuals who…

  • Share his/her talents
  • Take care of his/her body
  • Work well with others



Responsible, independent citizens who:

  • Respect God’s world
  • Use learning tools responsibly
  • Are curious and enthusiastic about learning


Academically prepared students who:

  • Do his/her best
  • Speak and write well
  • Are problem solvers



At Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School, we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children.  We cooperate with them in the educational mission of the Church, which is outlined in the document, To Teach as Jesus Did.  This document describes our threefold purpose:

  • To teach the beliefs and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church
  • To do so within the experience of Catholic community
  • To prepare students for service to others


The administration and faculty strive to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the maximum development of the students’ spiritual, intellectual, moral, aesthetic and physical potential.  This enables the students to integrate Christian principles, values and attitudes that will help them to live and to influence others to live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When our students graduate from Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School, we expect them to have incorporated the following values into their lives.