Hunger Lunch

Hunger Lunch allows us to practice fasting on Ash Wednesday. For lunch students bring their own bowl, spoon and cup. Parent volunteers serve a simple lunch of rice, bread and water. As a class, students discuss world hunger and pray for those in need throughout the world. Students are asked to bring a donation in the amount of what would have been spent on their lunch for the day. The money is donated to Catholic Relief Services. Students are moved by the experience and the realization that we are truly blessed and feel called to help those in need in a real way. On this day, we fast with the extra purpose of raising awareness to the privilege we have as we practice the mission of social justice, given to us by Jesus Christ.

Visits to Elder Care Facilities

Led by Fr. Al, our students visit Elder Care Facilities. This is open to all ages, but attendance is greatly encouraged to the 5th-8th graders. They visit during the holiday season and do activities such as caroling. They brighten up the facility and bring holiday cheer to those they were visiting.

Sock drives for the homeless

It is commonly reported that socks are the most needed item for homeless people. It is cold out on the streets at night, and our sock drive provides locals with a little bit of warmth. Our students will learn the importance of small acts of charity, and the large impact they can have.

Diaper Drives

Run by student council to support local facility that supports unwed mothers. As Catholics, this project teaches us to live out our mission of protecting the vulnerable and teaches our students to support life in all stages.

Classroom Service Projects