The Role of the Student Council

The Student Council of Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School provides leadership and service to the school community. They organize and lead service activities such as the Hunger Lunch and activities such as the Red Ribbon Week events, encouraging a drug free lifestyle.

A driving force for spirituality on campus, The Student Council helps with Friday prayer services, they lead our students in prayer every day, and host several masses a year. They model Catholic values by fundraising to support MCA (The Missionary Childhood Association) and other causes that the church is called to aid during the year, such as natural disaster relief. They also hold diaper drives to donate to a women’s shelter/organization that supports women who chose life, even in economically difficult times in their lives.

Student Council promotes school spirit by sponsoring pep rallies, our athletic program and a talent show. Our Council members are models for all. They exemplify servant leadership, strong character, and morality.

The members of the Student Council are elected by the student body. Elections are held in the Spring, and students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades are eligible to run for office.

The Student Council is as follows:  


Vice President: 

Religious Affairs: 

Community Affairs: 




Peacebuilder Representatives: